Live tweeting the UEFA Supercup: Real Madrid – Sevilla 3-2

So I decided to get away from the Olympics and try to not get gassed over the UEFA Supercup. Didn’t go that way, I was too gassed, to excited and complaining a lot about the game. Despite seeing 5 goals, I wasn’t content in any way and I was bloody swearing at 11 PM. But it’s all good now, but I live tweeted the whole game and I wanted to share with you how my emotions do change in a game of football.

So here it goes then, enjoy my weird brain during football:

20:03 I have a feeling that Sevilla will win tonight
20:28 15 minutes till live tweeting #supercup
20:36 I want proper desire shown on that pitch, if it’s going to be a 0-0, I’ll be fuming #supercup
20:42 Boys are coming on the carpet #supercup
20:44 Casilla in goal. Missing someone Real Madrid? #supercup
20:46 5 times UEFA Cup/Europa League in 10 years… #supercup
20:47 Can somebody tell me, why this is played in Norway? Like seriously why? #supercup
20:50 Isco, what are you? Lightweights are in Rio mate #supercup
20:52 I don’t understand, why you don’t sell out when Real Madrid is playing Sevilla. #supercup
20:53 That’s a sitter Casemiro mate.. #supercup
20:57 Fam, this echo on the field sounds like a sunday league match #supercup
20:57 This Real Madrid side though, shambles. #supercup
20:58 I wish I could tweet more but this game is absolutely dogshit #supercup
21:02 Come on mate, you’re Real Madrid ffs #supercup
21:04 18 minutes played, my crisps are non-existent and the football is abysmal. #supercup
21:07 OMFG REAL MADRID #supercup
21:07 Ultimate goal tekkers from Asensio
21:08 1-0 after a blithering beauty
21:10 Okay, Asensio has the tekkers, delightful #supercup
21:12 Ferreira, those chances. Cherish them pal. No homeruns please. #supercup #sevillafc
21:15 Carvajal, good defending that
21:15 Sevilla almost with the many yards tekkers
21:17 Sevilla is getting stronger and mates, I’m loving it. Real Madrid pricks.
21:23 And it’s bloody dead again
21:23 I thought good goal fair enough, some decent attacks, but nah. Nothing happening now.
21:26 1-1!!! GET INNNNNN #sevillafc
21:27 Quality goal that, decent left foot technique. Wonderland
21:30 At least there’s fire in the players. I can see it. LOVE IT.
21:32 Kolo mate, shoot fgs
21:32 HT. What a game. Isthmian league is better. #supercup

21:33 Short intermezzo: 30M for Bolasie? WHUTT?!
21:51 Why sing the French Anthem fam?
21:52 Marcelo is a great player, hugely underestimated. AND THAT HAIR
21:55 I’m quite bored, this game
21:56 Playing long balls Madrid? you have the tekkers ffs
21:56 Everytime I tweet something like that, something exciting happens
21:57 Isco! great turn and all that, but maybe a bit quicker pal
21:58 Every bloody corner to Ramos, it’s a bit of a regular thing
22:00 This game makes me infertile
22:02 Sevilla is getting better and better, like I predicted
22:02 But the finishing is just poor
22:08 Isco off. Zidane mate, you lost the plot
22:11 This is game is just preseason wtf
22:12 Sevilla has to train on their final third, because it’s making me sick
22:14 1-2 Sevilla!! Scenes.
22:15 Good pen, waited long enough and bob’s your uncle
22:17 I was really gassed for this match, but it’s really disappointing. Despite the 3 goals
22:20 Where’s the passion? The desire?
22:21 I want to see tackles waisthigh. NO, NECKHIGH
22:21 Overhead kicks and all that
22:23 Good shot from Benzema that
22:26 I keep watching these games and I know they are going to be shite
22:32 Omg these chances, Sevilla get your shit together
22:33 Using their feet, but not their heads. Wasteland
22:35 2-2! Who else than that fucking prick. 90+3
22:37 ET, this game doesn’t deserve that

22:42 And we’re off again
22:42 I really hate extra time
22:43 Nobody really tries to get through and hope for pens. Nah I don’t rate that
22:44 Mr. Commentator this is not the FA Cup. The FA Cup is so much more beautiful than this shite
22:45 And Sevilla has got 10 left, well done Kolo
22:47 Okay done. Real is going to win this
22:50 Matter of minute before Real score
22:51 Serves you right Ramos
22:56 There’s no real excitement in this game
22:57 Just call it a draw, let them have the cup 6 months each and I can go to sleep
23:00 Mate I don’t care how you pronounce Trondheim, just watch the bloody match

23:00 2nd half ET begins
23:02 I seriously think that I would prefer a mosquito that keeps me up all night than a game like this again. S2G
23:03 Benzema that was really Ozil like tekkers fam
23:05 10 whole more minutes, are you kidding me?
23:06 Real Madrid have to come carpet and brush everyone off, this finishing is abysmal
23:08 Benzema, ball in onionsack mate
23:10 James with the chance, this is like a fair
23:15 He side booted that perfectly
23:16 I saw 3 quality goals tonight, so there’s that
23:16 But absolutely no need to drag this into ET
23:17 Well that’s a wrap folks! Thanks for joining in and see you next time haha

So that was last night and I realise now, what kind of weird football tweeter I am. My god. But let me know what you thought of it!


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