Marcus the Football Philosopher: OLYMPICS

The title says it all right? Marcus Aurelius the Football Philosopher. You may laugh now. My grandfather always called me Marcus Aurelius, after the famous Roman Emperor and Philosopher (Meditations is a must read for everyone, 100% recommend). Banter aside though, I think, no scrap that. I KNOW I’m a football philosopher. I think so much about this bloody game, I ought to make career out of it. So here’s me PLEDGING to write more opinionated football related blogposts.
Okay first and foremost. Football is back lads and lassies. I hate the summerbreak, absolutely hate it. I don’t mind the Dutch leagues being over, as long as I can explore in Belgium, Germany or England. But no everyone had this stop. Although the Euros were pretty classic, I longed for this particular moment: Domestic competitions begin! YASSSS

But before we go into that malarkey I had a bit of an epiphany really. (I know my writing style sucks when coming to football, but emotions and all that) I realised that the Olympics would start in a couple of days… AND THEN I REALISED THERE’S FOOTBALL THERE TOO. Okay. Calm down Marc, it’s only the Olympics. But then I thought and remembered I had an opinion on the whole Olympics things and now you are going to read and feel this brilliant braindump of mine.

I don’t think football should be an Olympic Sport. There I said it. Football starts before the official opening, are you fucking serious mate?  I think a lot of ballsports shouldn’t be in the Olympics, but I guess that’s my opinion. But football isn’t regarded as something you HAVE to achieve in your career. It’s not winning the Prem, Champions League, Euros or the flipping Worldcup. I mean listen mates, Messi has won the Olympics yeah, but all we say is: Messi hasn’t won shit with his country and all that. Then you know it’s not regarded as something big, now is it?

Further more mates. It’s a U23 tournament, so basically these are a mix of talents and fuckups. Nothing more to add to that. You are only allowed to bring 3 dispensation players and qualification goes through the youth ranks, not based on what you reach as first team. Doesn’t make it very attractive for most football lovers, but I’m not any football lover.

Now I ask you honestly. Do you know which teams played in the previous two tournaments? Do you know who played the final and who won? If you know, you tha real MVP. I know, because I’m bloody invested in football. But most of you know the CL finalists by heart since ’92, but this doesn’t interest a lot of people and I can see that.

I’ve been watching everything football related since 2001. Religiously. I didn’t understand everything obviously and I still haven’t the best mind come tactics. I’m a pure football love. I love the game, the pure game. I love the fans. Against Modern Football. I could easily watch Atalanta Bergamo play Albinoleffe in the Serie B, 1-0 and jump on my sofa to be honest. Everyone thinks I’m mad because I’m going to Bromley – Forest Green, but fam that’s the beauty of pure football.

Point is, I’ve been watching the football very closely, also at the Olympics. I can’t handle to look at the 2004 players, because I would literally cry from nostalgia. If you have seen Killy Gonzales play, you know what I’m on about.
2008 is the year I want to talk about for a moment. The final is Argentina – Nigeria. A very unlikely scenario for the WC I know, but this was just magic. I knew of this Argentina player who has doing his thing at Benfica, right. If you see him, he just looks like a drug addict. But he scored goals like a nutter and I couldn’t get enough of him to be honest. Still, I was waiting for his defining moment and this was it:

I just can’t.. Messi with the pass, Di Maria with the pure quality and Aguero coming to cheer. Beautiful things man. Other players from that team – BRB I’m crying – Garay, Zabaleta, Gago, Banega, Lavezzi, Riquelme, Masscherano, Romero. What a talent.

This post has no logical order, but 2012 was not a good tournament to be honest. But it is well known for the tournament that GB fielded a GB team. Pretty special occassion, terrible kits though. But I think the next one that starts Thursday (04-08) is going to be pretty special and I tell you why.

I think the Olympics get a more positive promotion through women’s football. For Women, the olympics have always been a big deal, footballingwise. And now women’s football is really on the rise, the fame and relevance of that tournament is on the rise too, I feel. I hope the world puts more attention into it, because this could possibly a fantastic tournament.

Last things I just want to add to this, especially for the men. The women have a very strong field of competition, so they are doing great! – If you are here to slag off the women or you think I shouldn’t be talking women’s football. You can do your own a solid and fuck off – But LISTEN. What I see here is a form of utter disgrace. I’m missing countries mate, countries who mean flipping something in the world. Alright fair enough, I know you have to qualify and it’s the youth and all that.

BUT LOOK AT IT. WHERE’S THE NETHERLANDS, SPAIN, FRANCE, ITALY, BELGIUM. I CAN’T FUCKING BELIEVE IT. Those countries can’t be arsed to put effort in to be qualified or what? I mean Spain, Italy and France are really good in the youth. Serbia is a country I thought who would be there, becoming U20 Worldchampion. I don’t get it.
The world gives you a chance to shine on the Olympics, where you clearly don’t belong football, and then you go like: no fucks given? Nah, mate I don’t rate that. I don’t rate that AT ALL. No disrespect, but FIJI and HONDURAS?

Anyway rant over. Hope you liked it. Let me know and people, despite feeling a bit irritated about no fucks given. This is football and I’m going to get hyped anyway!

‘Ave a good one, mates



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