RIO 2016: The ‘Cold war’ & getting pissed

Okay, the olympics are go! We have been busy for a small week now and I’m totally gassed. It’s unbelievable what sport can do to my mind, I’m basically watching everything that comes on the television. I’m loving it!  But I also feel there are some really ridiculous things to be found at this particular Olympic Games and I just had to share this with you. You feel me?
First of all mates, I’m really disappointed for being Dutch right now. No, not that. Ashamed to be honest. It’s typical us you know. We have some few sports we are actually good at: swimming, cycling, hockey, volleybal, judo. And what do we achieve? Yes, fuck all. We got one bloody medal. It’s a gold one, but still. I need more, how am I ever going to compete with other bloggers if we have one sodding medal?

And while we are at it. Listen, listen people. We were good at gymnastics, not going to lie. We were doing the things while back and all that, but now? Nothing. And on top of all the misery, our former ‘giant’, Yuri van Gelder has misbehaved. ‘The Lord of Rings’ became ‘The Lord of the Drinks’ last night and is banned from the games. Seriously?! This man has slipped out of camp and decided that having a few pints and what not, is more important than the chances of getting a medal? I don’t understand man. ALSO this man has been banned a year in 2009 for using cocaine, I don’t get this man. But point is, we are a disgrace for having such rebels and we are surely down in chances for a medal. No chill.

Okay, I’m on a roll now. Don’t get me started about Russia and the doping thing. That all aside, I think all the committees have made fools of themselves by deciding one thing and then acting on another. All because there are scared what Putin is going to economically otherwise, can’t handle that. But so be it. Let them compete. I know it’s not completely fair and that the athletes would probably despise the Russians. But media have gone complete bonkers on this on mate, this is MADDD. ‘A Cold War in the swimming Event. USA vs Russia and USA prevails. As always.’ Stop trying to shag the birds and fight the geezers people! What’s this for nonsense. This has nothing to do with any hostility of countries, it’s the bloody sporting community not an entire world.

And can we please stop obsessing about these spots. It’s normal, normal treatment and it’s absolutely no ZIKA virus or anything mates, it’s natural. Sort of. Kind of.

Okay, rant over.


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