#TalkMH, a very welcome and important twitterchat

Today is a day where I felt reasonably well at the start and now my anxieties have taken over my brain. It’s starting to become a third Gulfwar in my head and mates, it’s really horrible. My thoughts all over the place and I don’t know what to do. I decided to write a blogpost about a positive thing that my mental illnesses have brought. Yes, you read that right. I want to talk about a very brilliant and important initiative: The #TalkMH twitterchat.

Brace yourselves people, get some popcorn, make a nice cup of tea and enjoy this ride. This is going to be a inspirational post about an inspirational chat and inspirational persons. (Well at least that is what I trying to haha)

First and foremost I want to start with thanking Hannah, the creator of this chat. We followed each other on twitter and I had heard a lot of good things about her and her work ( Rachel thank you so much!), but we never actually spoke. But still I felt, Hannah was a very friendly, kind and inspiring person. Sometimes you just get that vibe of person, d’ya know what I mean?
She did a brilliant job setting this up and there are so many people who need or want this chat, now it’s finally hear and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

So people, I was ready! Proper ready. 8.30 PM, sweating like a young otter in August, but I was so ready. I was so excited, too excited because I hadn’t thought of the time difference with the UK and so I was one full hour to early. I laughed out loud at myself and my mother told me to wipe that smirk of my face. Party pooper.

My experiences with twitterchats are positive. Everyone is very supportive and tries to help each other or make conversation. It’s one of the many great things about blogging and twitter in my opinion. The TalkMH chat wasn’t different and I will tell you why I think it was/is maybe the best chat I have to this day.

Mental health is something that isn’t perceived as easy to talk about as let’s say politics. Mental health has this cloud surround it, this taboo, this stigma. It’s not something society thinks we should talk about openly. That’s a load of rubbish if you ask me. But the pressure of society does take a part in telling about your mental health.

The chat is very open for everyone. A lot of people interacted and you could see that people grew into the chat and started to share more. But it’s not forced upon anyone and I think that is something that really deserves a compliment. I saw people who were completely open about, people who want to talk about in the future, but weren’t there yet & people who read the tweets, because they didn’t feel comfortable yet. It was all good and I can’t express my gratitude enough to all the people involved.

I definitely followed some new people through the chat and people also followed me. Everyone was so lovely and I totally recommend this chat to everyone who suffers from mental health issues or illnesses, but also to non-sufferers to look at these tweets. It can really create more understanding and that’s what it is all about.

I got the feeling that I wasn’t alone, there are more ‘like’ me and I can always talk to my twitter/blogging friends. I’ve already read some of your blogs and it helped me through the night. To be honest my mind really travels a lot to death and seeing the world without me in it, because I think the world would be better off. But this chat has made me realised, that I’m not too bad actually and that there are people who want to talk with me, no matter how I feel. I’m so grateful right now.

The questions were really good and the answers were so genuine, honest and helpful. Especially the question about the moment you realised there was something wrong, really hit me. Partly because I went back to my moment, but also to see how other people struggled in the past. I sat with tears in my eyes reading the stories, but also in a good way. I feel like this is so good and omg Hannah, you absolute legend. You are the best for creating this. I take my hat off for you and give you a big hug.

The thing I was really pleased about is the interaction with everyone, no matter who you are. Small or big following on twitter, big blogger or not. Everyone was involved and kind enough to give each other answers. I’m quite emotional as I’m writing this actually, but I’m really really really glad! Also I was so thrilled to see men participating in the chat, because there is this stigma about men and mental health. It’s not ‘tough’ to talk about mental health and feelings are for women. Bloody bollocks, but a lot of people still think this way and there are men who are afraid to talk about MH  because of it. So I’m so happy to see men participating in the chat!

The #TalkMH chat is every Thursday 8.30 PM (UK Time). It’s so good and helpful, I’m definitely doing this again every time.

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I really hoped you enjoyed reading this post and it’s so important. I will talk about this a lot and I won’t stop. Here are some posts I’ve written about mental health:

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