Albums to be released in October!

It’s October 3rd and that means that it’s still the beginning of the month. I haven’t blogged about music in a long time and it kind of frustrated me to be completely honest. BUT FAM, I’M BACK! Well today I’ve got a little post about the music albums that are ready to be released this month and I’m pretty excited!

These are not all the albums to be released this month and  there should be a few alternations, but these are the albums where I’m pretty excited about. I’m sorry about the shorter posts, but I’m trying to give you a good insight into the things I love. That means that not everything has to be described thoroughly. Well at least to me and it’s my blog. There I said it.

October 7th:
Morricone 60 – Ennio Morricone
Revolution Radio – Green Day
Stay Together – Kaiser Chiefs
Friends – White Lies

October 14th:
Walls – Kings of Leon
Gameshow – Two Door Cinema Club

October 21st:
American Football – American Football (yeah, I know but this music is just GASSED)
The Serenity of Suffering – Korn
Saintmotelevision – Saint Motel

October 28th:
Two Vines – Empire of the Sun

What do you think of these albums? Are you a tad excited? OR are there any other albums/artist that you think are worth to be mentioned?

Thank you for reading as always, the next post will be about ‘Why I blog about Mental Health and the reactions on it’



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