It’s bloody October! Where has the time been? Well, it has passed obviously. *Thank you captain obvious* That means that it’s the 10th month of 2016 already, that is pretty weird to be completely honest haha. But it’s a good thing for me personally, because I want to start blogging more. I want to get back to blogging ways, so what’s a better than joining the Blogtober festivities?!

So it’s October 1st and I realised something. I’ve been lacking with blogging lately. A lot. I’ve really struggling and wrestling with my mental health, I still am in fact. But I want to get back to my blogging ways. Blogtober is the ideal ‘thing’ for me, because it gives a motivation to blog every day. I have to commit as it were.

I have been feeling like the world is closing down on me. I made some great friends of the past months through blogging, but as I blogged less, I felt like the people were leaving me. I felt like I wasn’t relevant anymore and that people would prefer more prolific bloggers, d’ya know what I mean? It’s a terrible thing to think and I don’t want to feel this anymore, but in all honesty I still feel this. It’s killing me from the inside, but I think I have a solution how I am to feel more confident about online engagement.

I know it isn’t true and that my friends are there for me, but still I can’t shake this feeling of discontent, being unhappy and irrelevance. My only solution – well I think it’s that solution – is to start blogging more! If engagement will go up, I will surely feel better. So does my very logical mind say.. AHUMM..

Okay right! This month is all about getting my blogging back. Not only about mental health, no I want to blog all the things. After all I’m supposed to be a Culture and Lifestyle blogger (whatever that means haha). My plan is to blog about a variety of subjects:

  • Mental Health; my journey whilst battling Anxiety, Depression & OCD.
  • FOOTBALL (Did you know I liked football?)
  • Books; I have read some books the last weeks
  • Music; there are so many new albums and I also need to talk about people not knowing who David Bowie was. Yes, it happened again.
  • Shakespeare; my life is one big Shakespeare play to be honest.
  • Fashion. Well I call it fashion, but it’s just me rambling on about some clothes and shoes. 
  • Essays, I might do some essays on stuff that’s bothering me yknow.
I promise the blogposts will be a bit longer and better from now on. This pos was meant to give you a heads up and that you can expect a new post every day! Hope you all are well and remember: PINCH PUNCH FIRST OF THE MONTH AND NO RETURNS.
Tomorrow’s blogpost will be on the 20 most inspiring quotes about football!



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  1. oktober 1, 2016 / 5:07 pm

    I love the positivity in this post. I have also hit a blog-wall, good on you for planning out a great Blogtober. I'm not sure I could do it!

    Looking forward to hearing more.


  2. oktober 2, 2016 / 1:03 pm

    I need to start blogging more too! I've started bullet journaling and writing down idas for blog posts for each month in the hope that it helps. Good luck with blogtober 🙂

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