Poem: Accept, Adapt, Improve

When time seems timeless 

Points pointless 
And the sunshine seems nothing more than a beam 
Life feels hollow, void and empty 
Purposes are not found and you ask yourself 
What’s it all worth? 

Our minds be numb
Time spins faster and
We can’t seem to keep up 
Behind our glass window 
It’s then when we let our imaginary forces work 
We allow the clouds to bring darkness and sorrow to our world 
Allowing the clouds to smother up this beauty we have 
Making it worse and worse 
Only seeing darkness and feeling there’s no other 
Well clouds temporarily block our views 
But the Sun remains and eventually
There’s only sunshine 
We are like trees 
Felt not cared for 
Left alone in these dark times 
No leafs 
The wind blows 
Rain and hail falls 
Sound of thunder 
Fire and insults 
Yet the tree endures 
For it has faith 
And in the end there’ll be light 
Light at the end of the tunnel 
Remember that you are fantastic and beautiful.
I’m your friend.




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