The Mushroom Cloud: Writing a book about mental health, stigmas and raising awareness

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It’s Sunday and it feels so good. I feel like this has been the first day in weeks, I CAN genuinely relax. Knowing myself like I do, I probably won’t relax and do something far too intense today, but yeah that’s me I guess. Anyway, this is a great opportunity to tell you about my little project: writing a book about my mental health journey.

First of all I need to update you on my novel. Yeah, sorry about that pals. I parked that idea and concept for a later stage in my life, perhaps next year. I’m not sure when or how, but at the moment my mental health is so unstable and unpredictable. I don’t want to commit to something hard and intense, and being distraught because I can’t keep my own promises. That’s why I decided to leave it be, for the time being.

So I hear you thinking; why start a new bookproject Marc, you mad boy? Well yeah, obviously. But I discussed this with my therapist and she noticed my love for writing & the fact that writing helps me with my anxious feelings. We decided it would be a good idea to create a book telling about my mental health issues and mental illnesses.

The most important reasons for writing this book is creating awareness,  for mental health and mental illnesses in particular, educating people and giving sufferers a sense of understanding. Especially the understanding part is vital for people who suffer from mental health issues, because they often feel they are the only ones feeling this. By publishing my story, I hope to give everyone the reassurance that their feelings are valid and that they matter.

I know it’s hard to open up about mental illnesses, especially to the people you love and appreciate in life. I won’t pretend it’s all going to be easy and everyone will react in a manner you would like, but it’s very important that we speak more about it. We live in a world where more and more opinions are accepted and we can talk about any given subject. Or at least that is what we think. But still, in this growing society of different thoughts, our mental health seems to be suffering from it. A lot.
My aim is to talk about anything mental health related that popped in my head and I will ‘guide’ you through my own mental health struggle. I will try to give you a look inside my bloody abnormal head and tell you as detailed as possible why it’s important to create some sort of understanding of the situations mental health sufferers live in. I think it’s very important to say, that I’m at the beginning of my journey. That I’m just a Dutch lad, going through everything at the moment and want to be very transparent about it. In the hope that people could relate to it or learn more about dealing with mental health problems or issues.

For me personally, it’s very therapeutic. I love writing and it’s one of my coping techniques to deal with my anxiety, so basically I’m killing two birds with one stone. Oh look at me getting all colloquial. Oh god.

I really hope you enjoy reading this and perhaps it’s not always as good as a real book from real authors. But this is my experience, my journey, my therapy, my recovery, my mental illnesses. This is real, valid and relevant.

There is one aspect what I want to introduce in my book. Well introduce is not the right word. Sod it. I just want to have people involved, basically. I want personal stories about mental illnesses and more specifically: positive/motivational stories & experiences with the stigma. If you want to be involved in any capacity, please let me know! You can always hit me up on twitter @lambertmarc or email me at!

Thank you for reading again people, it means the world!



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