Why I blog about mental health.

*Seriously though, I look crisp in this picture. Don’t I?*
For the people that have followed me more recently, it might come as a surprise that I also blog about other stuff than mental health. Today I want to share with you my motivation and means, to blog about my own mental health and what I want to achieve with it. It’s not purely selfish, I also want to help people.

My blog and my mental health are pals, mates, friends, brothers. lovers. I have been blogging for a good 7 months now and I really like it. It started as a way to distract myself from my mental problems. It gave me an outlet and a platform to express my views and to interact with people within the blogging world. I couldn’t be more grateful for the person I have met through it. I can honestly say I have met some of my best friends through blogging and I have met a girl who does let me see the beauty in life and shows me the light, I often forget about.

My blog has had different transformations and I think that’s okay, because I have had different feelings about it. Since being diagnosed with my mental illnesses, I try to talk more about my mental health. Why? Well get yourself a big mug of tea and ‘enjoy’

Which mental illnesses are you diagnosed with?I have been diagnosed with three different mental illnesses. I was first diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder, but after a period of time I started to develop some other symptoms. This lead to the conclusion that I was not only suffering from severe anxiety, but also from severe depression. A few weeks back I noticed that I developed some coping techniques which became obsessive and then I was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

What made you start blogging about your mental health?I started blogging about it, kind of out of the blue to be honest. For me it was weird, but I couldn’t find another way to express my feelings due to different reasons. It felt for me like the right thing to do, as I could write off my feeling, emotions and struggles. That helped a bit for the time being, but also something rather peculiar happened. It were the first blogposts people liked and reacted to. I noticed my engagement blowing up as it were AND I gained a lot more followers.

Obviously this is not what I was aiming for, but it was so cool. I have ‘met’ so many awesome and supportive bloggers now. It’s just great. I have seen that there are more people like me, more people struggling everyday and it feels kind of good to have people around you who understand you without giving an 64-day introduction. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a very patient lad, but still sometimes it takes the greatest amount of energy explaining something they will probably never understand.

But the engagement and comments, along with the motivation gained from it, made me blog about mental health more and I haven’t stopped since.

What kind of mental health blogger are you?I guess I’m not a motivational mental health blogger. *What does that even mean Marc* Glad you asked. I think of my blog as a sort of diary. I try to document my mental health journey and I hope that others can understand my struggle a bit better. I want to explain it more and write in a way that people feel some emotions and feeling, I have everyday.

That doesn’t mean I think my blog isn’t inspirational or motivational. Not at all and I love it when people say I’m an inspiration or I have inspired them to write about it too. But my intention is to document it and that is the first intention I always had.

Sometimes it can read as a bit of negative piece, because 98.9% of the time I hate myself or feel sad. That is the reality of it and I think you all are entitled to how I feel, as being loyal reader. And if you are new, then welcome and I hope I haven’t scared you too much.

What do you hope to give readers with blogging about mental health?
I hope to give readers an insight to my life and my struggle with mental health. A mental illness is different for everyone and I think that is one of the first things you should know about it. Because there is no format for being mentally ill. It manifests in different forms and please no I’m absolutely no expert on the matter. Well I’m an expert in experiencing my own mental health issues, but that is about it really.

I hope they can appreciate the situation and give me space to work on myself, but still accept the support and care from other people. I hope to inspire people my sharing my story and give them hope. I think by brutally honest, I can help myself and others the best. The moment I started accepting my panic attacks, my really depressed states and constant anxious feeling, it’s the moment I started recovery. Many others have inspired me by sharing their stories and I want to raise awareness for some very important topics. I think breaking the stigma and talking about mental health for men, are my two biggest aims of inspiration.

What have been the reactions to blogging about your mental health?
They have been very mixed, really mixed. I guess you can categorise them in two separate groups. People in ‘real life’ have been reacting in a more negative manner I suppose. There’s no support and I have received very hurting and worrying reactions to blogging about my mental health. People have said that I should kill myself, I’m a misogynist for raising awareness for men and I have been called a person who has no backbone and I are basically everything that is wrong with this society.

People online have been so incredibly supportive, it’s really mad. I guess more people blog about it and there are a lot of people that struggle with it. I have met some amazing people and I am so grateful for every single one of them.  If you ever find yourself in need of talking to persons, the mental health community and the twitter community in general is so supportive, so make sure you follow everyone who uses the #TalkMH hashtag!

I hoped you liked reading this and thank you for always having my back.

‘Ave a great day!


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  1. januari 16, 2017 / 10:41 pm

    Its lovely for you to post this blog post. I don't personally have MH but I am a full time carer for my partner who suffers with MH.

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