A changing world: Post-elections.

Like everyone else, I read a lot about the American Elections. The elections of the next President of the United States of America. We all know who ‘won’, but do we really know who lost? Really? I had a few days to think some things over and I want to talk about a few things. Not particularly about Trump and Clinton, but rather about the consequences of the elections. 

So, I remember a little chap – well actually it was just me at the beginning of this malarkey – that saw 17 Republican candidates for the Republican ticket. At the time I thought this was going to be a clash between Rubio and Cruz, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Fast forward to the moment that both the candidates for the presidency were announced. We got the GOP going for Trump – Pence and the Democrats going for Clinton – Kaine. I had the feeling this was going to go Trump’s way for some reason I cannot explain. But there’s something wrong about the whole build up to the election, on both sides.

The American Elections have not been about what’s best for the general public. It has been about accusing the others, telling what others are doing wrong and focusing on something the candidates thought was right.

A while back I wrote this:

The ideas of Trump are eccentric, dangerous and hurtful. The problem is not the man himself, but the supporters of the republican party. They only have one big news station that has to promote the republican candidate and will do that biased. Millions of Americans support him no matter what and they don’t pay attention to all the nonsense he pours out. That’s why Trump could proclaim Russia would never walk into Ukraine (WTF by the way) and not be judged by so many people. It’s because of the media and the fact that there’s only one conservative news station.

It also makes Clinton supporters not aware, they would support her no matter what. Why? Because everything is better than Trump. So the news will evolve about how bad Trump is, but not about what Clinton is actually going to change when she might become president. Because then Trump will be gone, but what do they know about what they are getting? That is so important.

I feel that now, more than ever, these candidates are like enemies. They couldn’t be more different from each other and that leads to confrontation between the two and their groups. There has been more and more violence related to this race to become POTUS. I feel like people are starting to act more to their political group, more and more. Discourage each other from interacting with those who thing differently and I think this is very sad to witness. In this age of globalisation we should reach out to each other and talk. Communication is the key to succes.

We all know how this all ended. Donald Trump is the president-elect and will be inaugurated in January. Something I expected is happening right now. Trump has been bashing the establishment and Washington, made angry speeches about and made outrageous comments. BUT his mood is changing. His speeches are less wild and he has appointed some people from the establishment, this is very interesting for several reasons.

1) You can argue that this was his plan al along. That this was his strategy of getting what he wants and now he will focus on giving the country what he thinks is right.
2) People who voted for him because they were tired from the establishment, will definitely turn against him if proceeds the way he does. It’s very interesting to see this happening.

3) There is a great uncertainty, what the hell is he doing with America right now? No one knows.

I think first of all we have acknowledge what is happening in the USA right now. Trump is president, Pence is VP. The House of Representatives is Republican. The Senate is Republican. Republican is the new kid in town and it’s slaying. The GOP is big and the Democrats should really think of how they are going to reorganise their party, because if they don’t things will still look like utter dogshit in 4 years time.

But the main thing I want to talk about is the fact that the outcome of the elections has led to serious ‘actions’ among men and women. This election has led to hatred. Hate between families, brothers and sisters, fellow students, co-workers, everywhere. The country is getting divided and this is something we have seen before.

Just after Brexit Great Britain got exposed. I say got exposed because stuff like racism, antisemitism and discrimination is not something that pops up. It’s in the genes and culture of people, it got exposed by this anti-european sentiment and divided the people in two camps. But GB got ‘lucky’ there was an Olympic Games that freed them of the negative sentiment and reunited a broken union. 

But the aftermath of the election in America frightens me. I see a country so divided and still so full of racism, intimidation, violence, gun related evens, anti-muslim and anti immigrant sentiment. I also see people who want equal rights and treatment for everyone, but act on it with the same hatred and violence.

It’s so difficult to see the growing hate all over the world, but let me tell you this. We should keep spreading the love and let everyone know how much we appreciate and love them. Only our love can corrupt the spreading hate!



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  1. november 12, 2016 / 6:10 am

    You know, it is hard to be hopeful when I think of all Donald Trump has said, the way he has acted and behaved over the past 18 months, and for as long as he's been in the public eye; but I am hopeful. No president governs on their own, and I think more than everyone worrying about him building a wall or being a racist bigot for the next 4 years, we're more likely to just have trump as a mounthpiece for the GOP agenda these next four years. I think, his campaign taking away his twitter shows that he will not be allowed to be a loose cannon, but I really don't know. I don't think it can be as bad as everyone is making it out to be- this man has not overthrown democracy and become a dictator- he was a democratically elected million-dollar business-man, and I'm praying that means something. I really am hopeful he'll make a better president than we're expecting, even though that is hard to imagine.

    I'm British, and I would say the growing concern in America is much greater than it ever was in the UK after brexit- we all knew brexit would take time and not happen immediately; wheras America will have Trump as president come 2017- it's happening straight away pretty much.

    Please stay hopeful. Remember the racism that spread when Obama was first elected- those protest signs of “Kenya is missing an idiot” and “go home” – and think about how; although it hasn't disappeared, America has risen above it. The USA and the American people are strong, influential and powerful and the president is simply the one who has to channel that power and influence to make America as good as it can be. Who knows? Maybe Trump will surprise us all. I really, honestly hope he does.

    Sending you all the love,

    Anne // http://www.aportraitofyouth.co.uk

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