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I think this is a post I’ve been thinking about for a very long time now. Very long. But I’m going to talk about it today. I think you should know a few things about me and why I talk about certain things. This all sounds pretty serious, but I finally found something that can be called my coping technique: Everything Welsh.

My grandfather was Welsh, he was from Cardiff. For some reason I haven’t felt very connected to Wales to be honest, but it came back to me when heard about Dylan Thomas. A bloody brilliant poet and I loved Under Milk’s Wood. (you might spot the link between the play and my blogurl). It was then that I started to develop my interest in Wales, the interest in my Welsh heritage and I haven’t let it go ever since.

Welsh or Cymraeg is the Welsh language. What I love about it, is that it’s so pure. It’s so typically awesome. Everyone is in Wales, speaks English, but Welsh has a special place in the heart of Welsh people. It’s part of the Celtic family just like Cornish and Gaelic.
I won’t act like I know everything about the language or Welsh inhabitants, but I really love the language. The sounds, the pronunciations, the sentiment, emotions and pride. I felt so compelled to go out and learn it, so I did! Well, I started haha.

I noticed that was a sort of coping technique for me when I was or am suffering from severe anxiety and that it made me more calm. So here I’m learning Welsh and it feels so good. It feels so good to say Bore da  every morning and get a lovely Welsh response. It gives me great pride that I can ready BBC Cymru Fyw and actually understand what they are saying. It gives me positive vibes and that’s just what I need when dealing with my anxiety & depression.

For some reason, I was at a pub and rugby was on. I had asbsolutely no clue how it worked with the rules and stuff. But then I met a Welshman, he was the best man ever with the greatest every with explaining me the rules. It was the Six Nations game against England and what drew me to Wales, was not only the game itself, but the manner they sung the anthem. I’ll let the video speak for itself.


Okay fam, did you know I love football?! I know big surprise right?! haha OMG, I’m such a clown. You all know I’m predicted addicted to football and I will watch football all over the planet. I really don’t care what league, how many people or how good the football is. I bloody love the game. I have visited a few Welsh clubs, like Swansea City, Cardiff City, Newport and Wrexham, but the real gems are definitely Rhyl FC, Airbus UK Broughton, Cefn Druids and Bangor City. Oh my word, imagine the scenes! I’m planning on going to Bala Town and Aberystwyth Town. SO EXCITED FAM!

But I think the national team has brought me to most joy and tears to this moment. A little anecdote for you all. Are you ready? Right it was Wales – Belgium. I was going to watch it in a pub with my mates. The scenes were mad, we hadn’t qualified ourselves (The Netherlands) and everyone was supporting Belgium. Well almost everyone, because yours truly thought; the hell with that!
I was so gassed, I was so crazy and pumped. I put 50,- EUR for Hal Robson-Kanu to score (from now on, he is called HRB). It was loaded with people and somehow the anxiety didn’t effect me.

I was seeing Belgian flags and shirts, Dutch people singing with Belgians and I was there like; yeah but I’ve got a bloody Joe Ledley shirt. Joe Ledley’s beard. Worth a Nobel Prize of itself. Then the anthems come, no bloody Belgian knew their anthem and I was like; U WOT MATE? I was just shitting myself from laughing, this couldn’t be true. What then followed were the precious words:

Tears in my eyes, I was singing loud and proud, people around me looking angry and surprised. People filming me, I didn’t care. You only can sing this one time at this occassion, oh my word. Goosebumps.
So the game started and I thought: SHIT. Belgium came out strapped, guns blazing and I was ready for an annihilation. Pff they were out to batter us. REAL LIFE. But we were on it, defending as if our lives depended on it, YAS FAM. I was squealing at every safe from the defender and goalkeeper. And just when I thought we had it covered, right. That bloody half barby half teddy bear Naingolan, produced a belter. Unbelievable good goal that, brilliant. But 1-0 for the Belgians.  Sad face.

But then we came carpet, my mate Ashley Williams with a thunderheader. Arms up, cheering, WONDERLAND! There’s no better feeling cheering and everyone around you is looking at you with a face of disgust and dispair. I felt goooood! To be honest, I can’t remember much of the second half, bar the two goals. It was magic, I tell you. My pal, HRB. Legend. Visionary. Cruijff-esque. Puskas goal of the year contender. Welshman. I can’t grasp how intense that moment was. That turn OMG.  Three topclass Belgian players were looking for coin and man was scoring goals, yes. 2-1!! I was crying, laughing, cheering, highfiving the barpersonel. I won my bloody bet, Wales in front and OH MY DAYS. The smirk faces of those belgian tossers who cussed me, disappeared into nothing. AND I LOVED IT. At the end of the game we witnessed the greatest header of the tournament. Have you ever seen a better head than that that Vokes header?! Seriously, SAM WAS ON FIRE. Boaah, at this time I was running around with my Welsh flag. Singing the anthem. Doing the Joe Ledley dance. I have never cheered SO MUCH after an interland win. Mates, football is so lovely. DIOLCH.  #DimHalDimHwyl

I really hope you enjoyed this post haha, I really did writing it!


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  1. januari 3, 2017 / 8:03 pm

    Absolutely love this since I'm born and bred Welsh! This made me so happy that someone is writing about my nationality/culture – amazing post.


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