I’m shit at social media lately

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What? No mental health? Marc, you alright laddie?! Well, I’m surviving that’s the truth. But to be completely honest: I’ve been lacking on my blog and social media lately. I feel like I’m more or less back to blogging ways, or at least trying to get my shit together. However, my social media is dead.

Yes, it’s true. I haven’t as active on social media as I have been before. I had a long period (well not exactly very long, but it feels like ages though) of no active participating in either the blogging world as the social media world. Some people may find this reassuring, calming or relaxing. I don’t! And let me tell you why.

I was non-existent in the blogging world for 11 whole day. ELEVEN DAYS FAM, do you understand the scenes? I felt distraught for several reasons:
1) I didn’t blog, which made me unhappy.

2) No engagement whatsoever
3) I didn’t schedule any tweets with bloglinks
I’m back blogging regularly, or sort of. Kind of. Not really. But I’m very happy with my blogposts again and I feel like they reflect my personality more and more. (On the other hand, it was only yesterday where I thought of deleting my blog altogether LOL.)

But there is one little thing about it all, I’m not really happy with. Something I’ve been seriously lacking and that’s my social media. It’s noticeable and I think it cost me a lot of engagement, interaction and some friendships too, to be perfectly honest.

I think the problem or stated fact above has to with a few reasons. I got a girlfriend, which naturally takes time and that is more important to me than any given stat or following. My mental health is really taking the piss with me. Mad thing. Sad thing, innit? AND of course, Uni life is hard, difficult and draining. Take those reasons all in the mix and it’s only logical I haven’t been very active on all the social media.

The social media I miss the most and people notice that I’m not around as much as I was, is twitter. I used to be very active, but now not so much anymore. People miss me on it and they worry. Bless their souls. My friend Louise put it brilliantly yesterday:

So yeah, I’m going to change that. I’m going to tweet more about mental health, my life, my thoughts and of course FOOTBALL. I didn’t get the title: Football tweeter of the year, for nothing, now did I?

So Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat. Get ready. Your main man Marc is back!!!

‘Ave a good one, lads and lassies!



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