Mental Health Bloggers’ letters!

Since I started blogging, I’ve met incredibly nice people and so many awesome blog. Honestly, my life has changed because of it. I met my lovely girlfriend because of my blog and I’m so grateful for that. But thing that has changed my life or more specifically my perspective on life, are the lovely people from the mental health community. They have really helped me and to be honest, life is easier with their constant support.
I wanted to give something back, because they helped me so much. Obviously it is rather selfish to make it all about me and that’s really not what I am about. I wasn’t sure what to do to bring ‘us’ mental health bloggers more together. There are great initiatives already and I’m so incredibly thankful for those brilliant individuals who dedicated time and effort in order to make us all feel welcomed.

I especially think it’s great that there are more and more men getting involved in this. We deserve it and it’s so lovely that all the ladies in the community have welcomed us with all the love and care of the world. Thinking of it, makes my eyes water with happy tears.

You all have been involved but these ladies have really created something special already, full of love, full of support and full of safe havens. I would like to thank you with the bottom of my heart:

Hannah, thank you for creating #TalkMH. A fantastic twitterchat where a lot of people have made friends, found out about other bloggers and it truly feels me with love every week. I couldn’t be more proud of you my friend, you are doing awesome things!

Lauren, thank you for organising a great concept. Sending mail to each other or otherwise knows as #MHMailSwap. There’s nothing more loving than sending and receiving mail, where the sender has put effort and love in. The amazing smiles you have created on so many people’s faces is incredible. I’m so proud to call you my friend and keep shining on the way you do.

BUT, I wanted to do something to. Organise something. Express my gratitude to all the lovely bloggers. So I was taking a shower – we all know, the most brilliant ideas come from underneath the modern waterfall, AM I RIGHT?! – and then it hit me. Why not create something were we use our blogs to spread love, comfort and support to each other? Write open letters to each other and spread the love, raising the awareness and let people honestly know what it’s to deal with mental health issues.

No matter how you feel, it’s always great to receive love. I want people to feel loved and appreciated, I want people to spread out that love and appreciation, because all of you are so worthy of it. I love you all and I want you all to shine, like you deserve

You can write a letter to someone with talking about certain things, a few examples:

– Asking how the person is
– How he/she is coping with their mental health
– Let them know what it is that you love/appreciate about them
– Raise awareness for mental health issues or mental illnesses
– Ask them about the december festivities
– Talk about their blog, the Mail Swap or how you think TalkMH has helped you.

So what’s the plan? It would be great if a lot of people want to be involved with this, it such a good idea to spread all the love. If you want to participate in this, let me know before November 23rd and after that we will start the letter exchange. I will then post all the people who want to involved and we can all send each other open letters.

It’s not really my plan to pick couples, but I would love to see people writing open letters every week or two weeks to different people. It would be really awesome to spread the love, raise awareness or anything else.

I hope this sounds as a good idea, I really do and if not… Well, that would be shit. But at least I tried, right?

You can send me a DM or email me at

Hope you all have a lovely day and remember, I love you

Hannah, #TalkMH

Lauren, #MHMailSwap



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