MH Letter #1: An open letter to my friend Rachel

Dear Rachel,

You are the first of my friends that will ‘receive’ an open letter on my blog. You might not know it yet, but I really do admire you a lot and I’m happy to call you my friend. (Well at least I do, I don’t know about you though haha)

We haven’t spoken a lot I suppose, but you are one the most genuine and sweet, kind person I know of. Your soul is honest and sweet, every time you talk about something that is close to your heart (obviously pizza too), we -your- friends are so intrigued with what you got to say.

I think we’ve talked a lot more since the first #TalkMH chat and I learnt that you studied in the same city as me. You are a Dutch & German graduate, languages I know fluently. Which is not a big shocker considering I’m Dutch, but y’know.

Your blog is very inspiring to me. First of all, the name is fantastic! No space for Milk, that’s so catchy. You know like, the first weeks you don’t refer to people’s real name, but their twitter handle? You were no space for milk all the time, but I’m glad I’ve now turned to Rachel haha. I absolutely love your blog: mental health and lifestyle. I think I qualify in the same blogger category, but you have been one my idols. Like all the blogger gals say: such a babe.

But what spoke out the most about you, is obviously your personality. You are so kind and sweet, you have helped a lot of people when struggling and you have raised awareness for mental health and still do. For that I’m forever in your debt because you do such good work and you inspire me to do that too. Not only are you kind, but you are incredibly funny. Your tweets make me laugh on a daily basis and I couldn’t get through the days without those funny tweets. Especially everything with pizza is my fave.

You have proven to be very intelligent and I can see that on twitter and your blog. You are very intelligent in the way you talk to people, explain things and take everything in consideration. You are intelligent enough to have studied Dutch and German, which are not the easiest languages to learn, but you did it! I can say, I’m actually very proud of you Rachel.

We all know it isn’t easy dealing with mental health issues and illnesses, but you got this pal. You are so incredibly strong. You are tough. Remember that giving in to your mental illness or problem is not the end of the world. It’s not about winning or losing battles; it’s about winning the war.

I once wrote a poem which many of my friends have read and you did too, but I want to share it with you one more time, because you are so much stronger than you think you are:

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One’s strength is not measured in muscles
lifting or physicality
It’s not in what you appear to be
Or what other think you are
strength is measured in endurance
Patience, will, speech
and actions.
All of these qualities
Will be found in you
Like how Zeus’s lightening
Split up the good from evil
As strong are you
What makes you strong
Is the will to go on
Not give up
You are truly
caring and above all
the strongest person I know.
You are like when a flower grows through a crack in the concrete
It’s so fucking heroic. 
Shine on you diamond ❤️

You have a beautiful personality and bless your soul for being an incredible friend. I can’t wait to meet you sometime, keep shining you lovely diamond!

Your pal,


This letter was written as part of my new #MHLetters series. You can read more about it here.

You can follow Rachel on the following spaces:

Blog: No space for Milk
Twitter: @nospaceformilk

Instagram: @nospaceformilk


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