#MHLetters Update!

Hello lovely people, how are you all doing? A few days back I had the ‘brilliant’ idea to give each other some more love during the winter. I would love for people to express their love and gratitude to those struggling and receiving that seem love as well.
I wanted to give a little update on the idea and make a bit clear. This is what I wrote in the last post:

“BUT, I wanted to do something to. Organise something. Express my gratitude to all the lovely bloggers. So I was taking a shower – we all know, the most brilliant ideas come from underneath the modern waterfall, AM I RIGHT?! – and then it hit me. Why not create something were we use our blogs to spread love, comfort and support to each other? Write open letters to each other and spread the love, raising the awareness and let people honestly know what it’s to deal with mental health issues.

No matter how you feel, it’s always great to receive love. I want people to feel loved and appreciated, I want people to spread out that love and appreciation, because all of you are so worthy of it. I love you all and I want you all to shine, like you deserve

You can write a letter to someone with talking about certain things, a few examples:

– Asking how the person is
– How he/she is coping with their mental health
– Let them know what it is that you love/appreciate about them
– Raise awareness for mental health issues or mental illnesses
– Ask them about the december festivities
– Talk about their blog, the Mail Swap or how you think TalkMH has helped you.

So what’s the plan? It would be great if a lot of people want to be involved with this, it such a good idea to spread all the love. If you want to participate in this, let me know before November 23rd and after that we will start the letter exchange. I will then post all the people who want to involved and we can all send each other open letters.”

What I would love to see it that you write a letter to someone you admire, love or who can use the kinds words we all have to offer. If you don’t feel comfortable by publishing it on your blog, you can also send an email or a real letter.

You can just pick anyone you like, but I would suggest to write an open letter on your blog to a person you don’t know that well yet. I think writing to multiple person will only spread the love more and keep this movement going.

I hope you really want to come aboard with my little idea and that we can spread the love in these times, we all need this love from time to time! If you post the link to your blogpost on twitter, make sure to use the #MHLetters and #TalkMH hashtags!

I will do my first open letter on monday! So if you want to have an idea on how it can be done!:)

Here are the persons that have shown interest in the whole idea, no restrictions whatsoever. I want it to be free and your own choice to write to persons you want. Just a suggestion if you don’t know who to write to:

@laurenevie_  – http://www.laurenevie.co.uk/

@whateverwordsuk – https://whateverwordsblog.wordpress.com/
@laurajswift – https://laurajswiftblog.wordpress.com/

@Vickatronic – https://sirvikalot.wordpress.com/
@mindlessmuso – https://mindlessmuso.wordpress.com/
@PorcelainNIvory – http://porcelainnivory.blogspot.co.uk/
@nospaceformilk – https://nospaceformilk.com/
@lauracloughley – https://ellejc.com/
@mblog101 – http://www.thementalhealthblogger.com/
@MillerAndMe – http://millerandmee.blogspot.com/

If you are interested and what to join, that’s always possible! Comment below or send me a DM or mail me at buggerallblog@gmail.com



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