The Lion In Winter (1968)

So it’s currently Sunday morning and it’s cold mates. The phrase ‘Winter is coming’ has left my tongue quite some time this morning and to be honest, it’s driving my parents nuts. I don’t care, because I’m freezing my nuts off right here. Anyway, my mum and I used to have a little tradition on winter sundays. We would watch classics on the BBC and the fact that ‘winter’ has properly begun, made me think of one of my favourites: The Lion In Winter.

So it all started when I watched Lawrence of Arabia, which in my opinion is a fantastic film. I love the film overal, but the thing that really spoke to me was the leading actor. It was Peter O’Toole. – seriously, if you don’t know him, go to your parents/grandparents and ask why they haven’t told you about him – a remarkable actor with a distinctive style of portraying his characters on screen. I was eager to know in which films he had starred as well and then I found out the film I’m discussing today: The Lion In Winter.

Well you know since I studied history, I’m bound to watch a lot of historically placed films or films placed in a historical context. Well this one is too. Sort of. The historical characters are quite right and the background is rather accurate too.

It’s set at Christmas in 1183. King Henry II and his estranged wife have different views about who should be the next in line, wo should be the next king. Henry II thinks it best when his youngest son John will follow him (King John) and his wife thinks it best when Richard becomes king. (Richard Lionheart). There is Geoffrey the middle son in the plot and also the Dauphin of France is in the mix too.

But what I like the most about the film and generally the films in the 60’s, is the dialogue. It’s all about the dialogue. There’s no action or special effect that leads away your attention from the performances of the actors and that’s why I love it so so much.

The actors; Peter O’Toole, Katharine Hepburn, John Castle, Anthony Hopkins (film debut), Jane Merrow and Timothy Dalton (Film debut). I love it. Sorry that I’m so shite at talking about movies or films, but I just wanted to make you aware of this awesome film

Hope you enjoyed reading this, have a good one!



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