Blogmas #12: Shoes for the winter

*I have no idea what I’m doing,  but this is something y’all like to call fashion. So here it goes*

It’s winter. It has been freezing and raining and what not, so you’ll have to dress accordingly. Or at least that is the plan haha. I’m not the best fashion blogger around as you can tell from my pictures, but I’m into fashion a lot. So please be gentle with my attempt to get my winter shoes on the blog. Or not. That’s completely up to you.

The shoes I’m wearing this winter!

1. Nike AirForce Duckboot

Definitely my favourite winter pair of shoes. I bought them last year and they are just brilliant. Warm, comfort is great and they look so awesome. They fit like basketball shoes, but are so much more acceptable to wear every day in the winter. YASSS.

2. Asics Gel Lyte III
Ideal sneaker, allrounder really. Perfect for the whole year, but still very warm in the winter. I have got 4 different pairs, but these colour combination is just awesome. Don’t you think?

3. Timberlands
These need no introduction. Just warm and heavy and the best winter alternatives to boots in my opinion. Love them

4. Nike AirForce 1
If I’m a brand addicted dude, then Nike is the number one brand I would buy. Especially the Airforce series just fits perfectly. So happy with them.

5. Clarks Desert Boot
The classic blogger boot to be honest. I haven’t seen a male lifestyle or fashion blogger without these. But there are so comfy and trendy. Mine look like shit I know, I fell into a stream of water with them. Somehow it gives them a unique look and I like it.

What are your go to winter shoes? Let me know!



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