Blogmas #13: What did I learn online?

One of the things I’m really grateful for this year is meeting new people. especially for the new friends I’ve met over the last online. I wanted to tell you all a few a things I’ve learnt about having having online friends and how it helps me day to day. A top 8 :

1. Finding new blogs
Starting my blog wasn’t that difficult to be honest, but finding new blogs I’d like, has proven to be quite the task. I have found so many awesome blogs, though. I couldn’t be more happier with the blog that  I follow, because I have learnt so much about so many subject, I’m forever grateful for that opportunity and those specific blogs.
2. Improving my English
I guess my English was rather good at the beginning of my blog, but after these 8 months of blogging, my English has improved. A lot. It’s easier for me to write in English or to find the words after a few months of blogging. Also, my spoken English has improved and that’s not because of my blog obviously, but interacting with other bloggers over FaceTime or Skype has improved my spoken English.

3. Getting to know new culture
My meeting new people and making new friends you learn about so many new things. One of those things is culture. The culture of another country, another frame, another society and set of values. It’s what makes the world an interesting place and makes the persons you interesting. It gives them the unique persons, you value so much.

4. Learning Slang
If you have been a follower before the summer (and now too..) you may have noticed how much slang I’ve been using in my tweets. I think my slang has been the most present when I’m watching football, as that is where I picked the slang up from. The slang gives you a more indepth look into one person’s world and makes you more and more conscious of the diversity of the world in my opinion.
5. Appreciation for other views
One of the most difficult things in life is being aware of other opinions and try to put yourself in the situations of others. Having certain views can be good, but it also can be very restricting. I learnt that a lot over the past few months. I admit, I’m someone who is very open, but still I have learnt a lot about seeing things differently and that there’s no absolute and good way. For that I’m very grateful.

6. Spreading positivity
Receiving positivity and what impact it had with me, made me realise how much kind words can mean to others. That’s why I started spreading out the love to all my online friends.

7. Talking about mental health 
Talking about mental health is one of the most difficult things I have done last year, but also the most brilliant and fulfilling things I have done. Raising awareness for my own mental health and mental health in general is of vital importance for our contemporary society and it makes me so happy that I do this almost every day.

8. Online friends are real friends, my family
The friends I’ve made online are my real friend, they feel like family to me. Some people say that they aren’t real friends; bollocks! They are my real friends and I care about them and I love them It’s honestly the best.

What are your experiences with online friends?



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