Blogmas #16: “When football was lit”

Football is beautiful, it always will be. But the ‘beautiful game’ has been subject to money and billionaires and that has changed the way the game is played. More specifically, the players have changed and are merely puppets of that money machine in my opinion. It’s safe to say that I’m against modern football and that’s why I wanted to take you back 10 years or so, when the last true gladiators of football were here.

1. The magnificent Dutch trio

2.  Galacticos

3. Milan defenders. BALLERS

4.  If you know, you know

5. I just can’t


7.  Scenes. Absolute Scenes

8. I’m done.

9. This man was so good, we had to double his name

10.  Last one; the man.

What are your favourite old players? Let me know!


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