Blogmas #19: An open letter to my wee pal Louise

“Dear Louise,
Oh lovely Lou Lou, you are my pal, my buddy, my mate, my spirit animal. You have been one of the most amazing friends I’ve ever had and you are my bestie. You are probably wondering why you are mentioned so late, but I wanted to get you as close to Christmas as possible. This is my wee open letter to you and for the world to see, that you are truly amazing.

First of all, thank you for writing that open letter to me, it meant a lot to me. Thank you so so much for taking the time to write it and putting your feelings and emotions on paper, you did so incredibly well. It makes me feel or warm and fuzzy inside, also that you wrote the letter before I wrote one to you. We clearly have found out who’s the better friend of the two now haha.

From the first messages on, I was very glad to meet you. You have always been very kind, enthusiastic and awesome. Always made me laugh and always let me see my worth, which I think is so amazing. It’s pretty hard to have friends who can cheer you up, when you are at your lowest, but I’ve found one and it’s awesome.

I love the fact that something we are really passionate about – mental health – has brought us together and that we try to write about it as well. It’s great that we can talk to each other about any given subject and feels so connected with each other. I truly love you as a sister and I would honestly not know what to do without you. You have made my life so much more complete.

You are so, so kind. You have a kindness, that you will always look after me, stand up for me and make sure I’m doing okay. It makes me kind of emotional when I think of it, because wow. I feel so special when you do that. You have the amazing ability to make me smile and laugh, and I know you make others laugh too. That is one of the best qualities a human can have and you have got that.

You are so intelligent, you always tell me you are not, but you are pal. You always know what to say or what to do. You always make sure you give me good advice and you never say ridiculous things. You are truly one of the brightest soul on this planet.

I admire you so much, you have no idea. We have our weird FaceTime sessions where we talk about food, food and mostly more food. But you have so much strength in you ,my dear friend. I can see that every day. You are a tough cookie, you fighter, you true warrior. You kick life in the arse and tickle his wee bum. You my friend, are one inspiring individual.

I once was lost, but now I’m found. You took my hand and guided me through the light and made me realise my worth. For that I’m so, so grateful and I’m extremely proud of you, my dear friend. And thank you for educating me in how to use the word ‘wee’  properly. Thank you so much buddy haha.

I can’t wait to have all the pizza together and have all the fun in LDN. Sending you all the hugs!

your buddy,


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