Blogmas #2: Holiday essentials: Hats & Caps

Obviously I won’t wear a cap or head to a Christmas dinner or something, but I would like to see the whole month of December as part of the festivities with the Christmas spirit. Wearing caps or hats is so common; let’s talk about it some more!
If you know a bit more about me, you will definitely know that I like wearing hats and caps. I’ve got loads fam! And yeah it does drive my mum nuts, but y’know that’s true love. I don’t know why but I think it looks pretty cool on me when I have hat on and when my hair grows long and all medusa-style, it is also very convenient.

It’s cold outside and I recently went to the barber’s, so happy me. Not because of my short haircut, but I can justify wearing a hat or cap ALL THE TIME. Not that I need a justification, haha. I thought I would let you see the 5 hats/caps that I’m going to wear this month!

1. Fisher FC hat

So this is a fantastic hat and I have never seen anyone else with this hat. You know me, I’m all about being authentic and stuff. JOKE obviously pals. This is hat I got from a lower league football club from Bermondsey, London: Fisher FC. I know I’m kind of a football addict, but you know I really like this hat. And everyone is always asking me where I got it and how awesome it, so I’m so pleased with it!

2. Brixton cap

I once saw a Brixton cap in a Youtube video of Ben Brown. And I sold. I searched the internet for days, but I couldn’t find the right one haha. But I found it and it was pure awesomeness for me, I was so happy. It’s a cap I can wear al year because of the colours, but for me personally I think it suits better in the winter, because of the grey accents.

3. Football culture cap

If this isn’t a testament to my football roots and addiction, I have no idea what is. Football culture is a way of living, I always say and this does add to all this niceness. This cap literally says: Football Culture. OMG is there anything that suits me better? *Marc, wear me. I’m awesome*
Also people give me mad looks, like I’ve just knicked their trousers or something. It’s mad. It’s a perfect hat to wear on casual days or when it’s matchday.

4. Nike skateboard cap

I was kind of into skating when I was younger. I mean legit into skateboarding, not only playing THPS on the playstation. Lately I’ve been more into skateboarding brands, I’ve bought more t-shirts and sweats from those brand. So, when I saw this I was so happy. Usually I don’t like the hats Nike produce, but this one is brilliant.

5. Flatcap

This is essential for every football fan/supporter/lover. I don’t care what people say about looking like an old person. It’s the best. It’s warm, classy and awesome. I don’t exactly know when I came to the idea of wearing it and I know a lot of people laugh about it, but I personally think it’s awesome! Especially in the winter it gives the comfort of being warm, but it’s also got a bit of style to it. At least I think it does.

What do you think? What are your favourite hats/caps and what do you like to wear this winter?



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