Blogmas #20: Fear, Hate and Love

I didn’t plan to put this up this blogmas, but since some of my post got deleted (thank you Blogger), I decided to take this opportunity to talk about something rather close to my heart. I wanted to talk about how life is at the moment and as we have seen more and more violence in this world I wanted to talk about fear, hate and love.

I guess for the most people who know me, it’s not a surprise that I want to spread the message of love and positivity. I love to support people and especially my friends, because I know what a few kind words can do to someone’s mood or view of the world. The world has proven to be a very dark place in 2016 and I wanted to say a few things about that, because I feel we must speak out. Debate. Discuss. Dialogue is such a powerful tool and must be used by everyone, but keep it civil too.

The violence, the attacks, the people who makes us believe there is only evil. This all does one thing, create fear. I think fear and being scared is one of the things 2016 has been about. I think there’s nothing wrong with fear, everyone has fear. But to use fear for your own means or for a nation’s means, is a whole different thing. Then you use to gain power of something or someone and that’s where this scaremongering has begun in my opinion. These attacks are becoming more frequent, but they still can’t be regarded as structured and from a typical kind of person. But people use this to put fear in the eyes of those who are influenced by speeches and politics. This is where it gets tricky, people will do a lot to avoid or fix fear. Which leads to more extreme left or right wing movements.

In my opinion you create hate when you scaremonger. You feed the fear of people to the point they won’t back down anymore, they want to start taking actions against that fear from spreading all over. Because fear itself is scary. They start to make a distinction between those that fear and those that are feared. They polarise. It becomes ‘them’ and ‘we’, a very dangerous thought in my opinion. It’s then when we can speak of hate. Hate is such an intense emotion, commonly associated with the devil and wishing the other harm or even worse. I think the term has been overused the last few decades, but people are experiencing hate at this time. 2016 has really reintroduced the term and that feeds into the discrimination, antisemitism, racism, homophobia and a lot of other vile movements. Hate is a terrible thing, because it’s very corrupt. It penetrates the soul and makes you think nothing else but hatred for ‘them’. It controls your way of life and negativity will take over.


The past few days I have seen a lot of negativity, both online as in the ‘real world’. There’s no denying. There are terrible, horrible people in this world who act like monsters. But those people are the product of hatred and I know there’s one thing in this world that corrupts hate in this world: LOVE. Kindness is so underrated, but really can make a difference people. Tell people how much they mean to you, support your friends. Show act of random kindness. Create empathy and sympathy. Be patient and gentle. Try to see it from different perspectives. Give attention to positive things, ignore the negative things. Show love and tell people you love them. Our love will corrupt the growing hate.

I love you all.



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