Blogmas #3: First weekend of December

It’s the first weekend of December. What?! Yes, indeed and it’s the third day of Blogmas already. Are you tired of me yet? I thought this would be a great opportunity to talk about this weekend, because every year something about it does feel a bit off.

I’m not sure if this the right way of naming it, but the first week of december is a bit weird. December is the month of the Christmas extravaganza normally, but we in the Netherlands have another holiday which is celebrated even more than Christmas. Actually that is not entirely true, but the whole gift giving part is.

The end of november and the beginning of december I always feel weird. I’m just counting down the days untill christmas and ALL THE FOOD that comes with it to be honest. I really don’t know what to with my time the first weekend of november, so this year I’m going to take this weekend to get my all festive for the rest of the month. And I love it!

Since Christmas isn’t that big of a deal around these parts, I have to force myself to get in the Christmas spirit.  So how?

Watch Christmas movies/films

Watching films creates a sort of atmosphere. It’s not only that you feel festive during and after watching a Christmas film in my opinion. I also think the idea of watching that particular film really makes you want to more festive. Pop some candles on, bake cookies and eat them during that film, hot cup of chocolate milk. Be all cuddly, chill out and be thankful.

Listen to Christmas Music

A confession; I’ve been listening to Christmas songs from the end of october and I’m not sorry at all to be honest. It’s lovely to just put on some Christmas music and be jolly. It’s very infective and people always know the words. It binds people and fills your heart with joy. A little tip: if you are feeling a bit blue, just listen to the Disney Christmas Song. You are welcome.

Wear Christmasjumpers all the time
Honestly this is the best. It feels like you are being hugged all the time and it is sooooo good! Those typical jumpers with all cheesy things on it are so wrong and so good at the same time. I 100% recommend wearing them. Just thinking about them makes me feel all festive already!



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