Blogmas #4: Blogmas Inspiration!

Blogmas part 4; pretty awesome right. If you are reading this, it means you are still putting up with my nonsense OR you love it. Which would be awesome haha. Anyway, we all know that blogging can be a bit difficult sometimes, especially when there is little motivation or inspiration. So let’s talk about my Blogmas inspiration!

Before writing my post, I had absolutely no idea what to. In fact, I just knew what the concept of Blogmas was, but that was all really. So the other day I saw a post by one of the most awesome male bloggers on this planet, Joe from Northern Blood. I can honestly say this has been a great post and my personal inspiration and motivation to pick up my lazy arse and do this Blogmas.

So the post that did inspire me was the blogpost he did about ’50 Blogmas Post Ideas’ and I’m very thankful for this. Not only for this, but for the existence of this absolute legend as well. In this post there are all sorts of varieties of entering the Christmassy blogging extravaganza and it helped me a lot.

First of all I started to think about how the concept of Blogmas fitted in with my blog. I mean I love the idea of Blogmas, but didn’t want to let it change my whole blog to be honest. So I made a distinction between Christmas-related and ‘other’ haha. What was very helpful for my inspiration was looking at Blogmas from the last years, as I had no idea what to talk about since I’ve only started blogging last April. Here a few things that have helped me:

– Look at films, listen to music for ideas
– Art is very important to me
– Talk to other bloggers
– Look at other blogs
– Go for a walk in nature
– Pinterest
– Quotes
– Shakespeare

I know it’s different for everyone. Inspiration is a very opinionated thing. But getting inspiration is vital for your yourself and for your blog to shine. Not only for this Blogmas, but just in general. I find inspiration works the best for you when you are open to change and that your blog will benefit if you are open for different forms of inspiration.

So what does inspire you? Which blogs are inspiring

Joe’s links!

Twitter: Northern Blood
Instagram: Northern Blood


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