Blogmas #7: My first country concert!

I like music a lot. I listen to it religiously and one thing I like is exploring and discovering new sorts of music.  I have never been into country music to be honest, but my sister literally made me listen to it and then we decided to go to one of the biggest names in contemporary country music: Thomas Rhett.

Like I said country music was not really my cup of tea, because when I think country, or I thought about people like Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. But after my sister’s exchange to Marseille, she brought some American country music back she had picked up from her American friends. My sister’s a bit a like me, when she likes music or films, she will force it upon you. So yeah, same. But we decided to go to Thomas Rhett.
I don’t know if you know Thomas Rhett, but he is a huge artist in the US of A. And I mean filling football stadiums huge and this little bugger (read: Marc) got to see him in Amsterdam. Oh my word, I was so excited, but also very anxious. I had no idea how my anxiety would be with all this traveling malarkey to be honest. It turnt out to be pretty awesome to be at the gig and my anxiety well, it was manageable. 
Sometimes everything at a gig just is right and this was one of those experiences. It was kind of weird to see Thomas Rhett performing in front of ±500 people, while back in the States he would perform for thousands and thousands of people. But somehow this fact made it even more special and I felt (and still feel) very privileged to have been a part of that fantastic ambiance.
Truth be told, I have no idea how to describe gigs in blogposts. But the father of Thomas Rhett was performing before Thomas and that was so great. He did all the great country ‘classics’ of the last years and it made me feel a kind of happy, I hadn’t experienced before. So cool man. 
Then the real show began and it was so energetic from the start. Unbelievable show. Great energy. Passion. Desire. Oh I loved it so much. All different music genres and different instruments, it was like I found music again. Reinvented music. It was like tasting a doughnut all over again for the first time. It was sexy and sassy. It was amazing.
The may be the worst blogpost ever written, but I felt so good being at that gig with my sister. It was a time where my fun was higher than my troubles and I know it’s that feeling I have to create in the weeks, months and years to come. Recovery is not linear, but I will try my hardest! With music 🙂


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