Blogmas #8: Strength

We all talk a lot about being strong. How being strong is of vital importance of our being. But sometimes it’s not that easy to be strong all the time. Sometimes you lack strength or you don’t want to be strong for once. But there are also times where you want to be strong, but you need to be reminded of your own strength or be inspired by others to be strong. I’ve put 10 of my go-to strength inspirations together. You ready fam?!

1. Invictus – W.E. Henley

2.  Henry V Speech (1944) – Laurence Olivier
3.  All of old – Samuel Beckett
4.  Francis of Assisi
5. Manchester United 1999
6.  An Ode to St. Anthony: Anthony H Wilson
7. My own poem
8.  Welsh Anthem sung by Rugbyplayers
9.  Oscar Wilde
10.  Henry IV, Part I – I know you all
These are just a few of my inspirations. I’ve plenty to give me strength when times seem a bit dark. So what are your inspirations or inspiring persons?



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