Happy Birthday to my pal, Becky!

It’s the last day of the year and I don’t like this day, but there’s something positive and special about this day too: my lovely pal Becky’s birthday is today! This is  my  little present to you and thank you for everything you have done for me in the last months, you have really been a fabulous friend and can’t imagine life without you anymore!

Life is hard, I’m not going to deny that, but having friends like you is awesome. You are amazing. You are so kind, awesome, beautiful, intelligent, funny and so, so supportive. I think friendship is a lot about understanding. Understanding each other, differences. Appreciating different situations and helping each other where needed or when you think it would benefit a relationship. 

You are genuine, very kind, very intelligent, very funny and is a real good pal. You don’t need many words when you understand each other, so that’s flipping fantastic. I’ve honestly learnt a lot from you and your way of life and it’s very interesting to learn from another perspective. So Becky, I’m glad we’ve met!

You have been a fantastic friend to me. I know you think otherwise, but I’m telling you again. You are a brilliant friend. You have been there in my darkest days and have supported me, helped me and encouraged me over the weeks and look where I am not: Fighting. You have an uncorrupted soul, you are literally the kindest person I have ever met. There’s not a little dot of darkness in your soul. You are so kind, so nice, so honest, so brilliant, so intelligent, so beautiful, so stunning, so funny, so cuddly and so supportive. I thank you my friend for being the brilliant person you are.

Here’s a few poetic words – LOL I just really said that about my own words – that might give you comfort when times seem less good. I know you got this and are doing great, but remember that I’m always here for you. Because you are my friend, my buddy, my pal, my mate, my sister, my awesome companion:

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One’s strength is not measured in muscles
lifting or physicality
It’s not in what you appear to be
Or what other think you are
strength is measured in endurance
Patience, will, speech
and actions.
All of these qualities
Will be found in you
Like how Zeus’s lightening
Split up the good from evil
As strong are you
What makes you strong
Is the will to go on
Not give up
You are truly
caring and above all
the strongest person I know.
You are like when a flower grows through a crack in the concrete
It’s so fucking heroic. 
Shine on you diamond ❤️

You are so friend, kind, sweet and special. Your smile is one of the most beautiful things on this planet and every time you smile, the world smiles back. Because it’s so beautiful, like you are. Inside and outside, you shine on like a diamond, a gem, a ruby, an angel.

I’m so proud of you for everything you have achieved, for everything you do and for everything you are about to achieve. I’m proud for going on and fighting even when times are hard. I’m proud of you for being a strong person for everyone else out there, I’m so, so proud of being your friend and believe me: You are bloody fantastic.

Thank you so much for being your fantastic self and I can honestly not wait to meet you. Sending you big hugs buddy, you have deserved all the love and hugs. You are the best.

A happy birthday to you, Becky!!

your pal,


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