MH Letter #11: An open letter to my Welsh sister Laura

“Nos da Laura!

You are my friend, my sister, my buddy, my pal. You know this already, but let me tell why exactly you are so special to me and to many others out there. You are the Welsh sun in our lives and just what we need from time to time: a genuine voice guiding us into the reality.

To be completely honest I felt like the bomb when you followed me, because I thought you were a fantastic individual. It was great to see your enthusiasm with other people and I wanted that positivity in my life as well. It was even more special when we started interacting, because I never thought you would want to interact with me. But I couldn’t be further from the truth and you have always been so kind and lovely to me. For that I’m so grateful. You are so awesome.

You are what I like to call a true mental health warrior . You are fighting it every day, but in your fight you also raise awareness and help others. For that my friend, I admire you to the moon and back. That is really incredible. The love and care you give to others is really unequalled. The way you handle difficult situations is great and you not only talk to others who need help in a serious manner, but you also make us laugh a lot. That’s really fantastic. Diolch!

I guess I’ve been blogging for 7 or 8 months now, but when you started your blog. OMG, there were scenes. I might not relate to everything you write, but it’s so full of quality. Your writingstyle is really good! You have the talent to put emotions and feeling with the right words and for me, that is a sign of being a great writer. It’s so heartfelt, beautiful, honest and genuine. I think the blogging world has improved a lot with you in it.

I’ve always had a weak spot for Wales and everything Welsh. My grandfather was from Wales and I’ve always been proud of my Welsh heritage. So naturally when I heard you were Welsh and the first time I heard your voice, I was over the moon man. There might have been a little dance, although I will never fully admit it. It is what makes this friendship so awesome and I’m truly a lucky soul to have you as a mate.

Above all, you are one fantastic person! Your kindness has opened my heart and reassured me of the good in people. You restored my faith in humanity and if you ask me, that’s pretty great! You are very caring and loving, you never fail to help your friends. But you also know when to selfcare and selflove, which shows true character.

You also have the amazing ability to make people laugh in every situation and that is something very valuable. It’s fantastic to see how enthusiastic you are about things and how your enthusiasm is contagious. I’m thinking Skype and dancing? Maybe that was just me… But you are literally a Welsh sun, because you brighten everyone’s day. Dark times are always here, but with you in all of our lives, we know, we will get there!

Thank you so, so much for being the fantastic friend you are. You are a friend, a pal, a buddy and a sister to me. Thank you so much for everything you give to the mental health community and your friend. Thank you so much for just being you.

Diolch yn fawr iawn!


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