MH Letter #12: An open letter to my amazing pal Laura

” Dear Laura,

This open letter is for the whole world to read about how special you are to me and to all of us. I want you to know and feel that your place on this earth is blessed and that you are blesses yourself with a fantastic personality, a very strong will and a set of unique qualities. You are one of the best people on this planet and this is me showing you once again, why you are the best buddy to have around.

I guess we met a good 4 months ago or something and it was you that brought me into the light, at the time I was at a very dark place. You took the liberty of messaging me and making sure I was allright. I guess as the weeks passed, our friendship grew closer and we started talking about a variety of subject. It was then that I knew this friendship was not your regular friendship, but that we were the best of mates. And for that I’m very grateful.

As you know, I love Northern Ireland and I love me a good Belfast accent haha. So when you sent me the first spoken videosnap, I was bloody excited! It was so great and I honestly could listen to your voice all day, because pal. Fantastic! But leaving that out of the equation, I admire you for everything you. I admire you for your work, your blog and everything you do. I especially admire the way you document your mental health ‘journey’. It’s honest, genuine, heartfelt and you are a great advocate for the mental health community.

That I’m not the only one, isn’t hard to come to terms with, you are so populair with everyone. Everyone absolutely adores you, including me! I’ve the privilege to talk to you and that is just fantastic. You are just a bundle of sunshine and who could ever be ugly to you with that amazing smile of yours?! You truly are a diamond.

You have been a fantastic friend to me. I know you think otherwise, but I’m telling you again. You are a brilliant friend. You have been there in my darkest days and have supported me, helped me and encouraged me over the weeks and look where I am not: Fighting. You have an uncorrupted soul, you are literally the kindest person I have ever met. There’s not a little dot of darkness in your soul. You are so kind, so nice, so honest, so brilliant, so intelligent, so beautiful, so stunning, so funny, so cuddly and so supportive. I thank you my friend for being the brilliant person you are.

Here’s a few poetic words – LOL I just really said that about my own words – that might give you comfort when times seem less good. I know you got this and are doing great, but remember that I’m always here for you. Because you are my friend, my buddy, my pal, my mate, my sister, my awesome companion:

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No matter how big the struggle
No matter how deep your lows
You are as strong as rocks
Your love for things does cut all badness
You are the sun in the darkness
When you will grow into this star you are destined to be
All problems will perish, like snow in front of the sun
When you make the choice to shine again
the clouds will vaporize and
You will shine like a star, a sun, a diamond

You are blesses, my dear friend. Never stop shining the way you do and keep being awesome. The growing hate in the world can only be defeated when we corrupt it with our love. And you, Laura, you are a leading example of shining your brightness, light and love on everything. Thank you so much.

Your buddy,


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