MH Letter #13: An open letter to the incredible Megan

“Dear Megan,

I’ve to admit, I thought you didn’t like talking to me for quite some time to be honest. But over the last weeks we’ve talked more and I realised that maybe, you didn’t hate me after all. In fact, we have become friends and words can’t describe how good that feels – but I’m going try it anyway!

We have followed each other for quite some time on twitter and I guess #TalkMH made us really aware of each other as being mental health advocates – well at least you are one, about me we’ll have to talk haha – and it just great to follow you on your journey. Reading all your stories on your blog is so inspiring. So brutally honest, inspiring, motivating, encouraging, heartfelt and genuine. Your blog is a reflection of your personality and it’s absolutely fantastic.

It’s amazing how you always offer help to others, even when you don’t feel 100% yourself. It’s so admirable and you are so nice. You have helped me quite some times and for that, I’m forever grateful. Thank you so much for that pal.

What I absolutely love about you, is that you organised a secret santa for the MH community. It’s such a brilliant initiative and these times can be a bit dark for us all, but your shining light makes it all more enjoyable for us. I think being appreciated and feeling loved is one of the things that can be a bit hard in the December month, but this little project of yours has absolutely made so many people’s days already and you are a little gem for doing so. Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

But the thing that is the best about you, is your personality. You have such a kind and sweet soul, open to everyone and your heart is full of love, even when you feel shit. It’s a fantastic quality and I really wish there are more people like you, because pal you are a blessing to this earth. You are an angel and it’s your brightness that enlightens us all. I love how you can joke around with you, but also talk about serious topics. It makes you diverse and a very pleasant person to talk to. Your support is great and it’s honestly so inspiring, I mean even I am not THAT supportive haha.
You are so friend, kind, sweet and special. Your smile is one of the most beautiful things on this planet and every time you smile, the world smiles back. Because it’s so beautiful, like you are. Inside and outside, you shine on like a diamond, a gem, a ruby, an angel.

I’m so proud of you for everything you have achieved, for everything you do and for everything you are about to achieve. I’m proud for going on and fighting even when times are hard. I’m proud of you for being a strong person for everyone else out there, I’m so, so proud of being your friend and believe me: You are bloody fantastic.

Thank you so much for being your fantastic self and I can honestly not wait to meet you. Sending you big hugs buddy, you have deserved all the love and hugs. You are the best.

your friend,


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