MH Letter #14: An open letter to the amazing Amy

“Dear Amy,

You know someone is going to be a great friend when they are very supportive, reach out and are in the possession of amazing creative talent. You Amy are all that and you are so much more than that, I want you to know that. This open letter is me trying to let everyone know what for awesome human being you are.

I’m not sure how we have met to be honest, but what I do know is that I was really happy when you followed me haha. I was thinking Marc, you are doing the right things in life for once, someone with such an attractive and well written blog wants to follow you! Little did I know then, that the brilliant Amy would become my friend.

Your blog is bloody fantastic for several reasons. You write so well and whenever I read your blog, it feels like coming home. Like reading and don’t want to stop reading, because it’s so incredibly inviting and engaging. You find the right words with the emotions you want to portray and that my dear friend, is one of the signs that you are a great writer indeed. Your blog is so pleasing to the eye and your blogphotos are just brilliant. Just like your Instagram is really fantastic as well and it is literally goals!

What I admire about you is your talent to create unique content both on your blog as your projects with designing. I’m fortunate enough to have seen some of your designs and I will definitely buy some of them in the near future if possible. I will always support you and please know, that you are so creative, talented and productive. Never give up your dreams Amy, you are bloody amazing!

You also co-organised an event in Northampton and that makes me extremely proud. It also proves my thoughts about how awesome and talented you are. If I find myself in Northampton the next time, I know where to go and who to have a coffee/tea with: Amy!

But above all this, you have been a fantastic friend to me for these last days, you have been supporting and helping me a lot with different things and for that I’m forever grateful. Honestly, you are such a kind, nice, sweet, funny and inspiring woman. I think it has to be written in folklore that you are diamond to this world and we should all reach out to your awesomeness.

I want to thank you for everything you have done for the last days and I want to thank you for being my friend. You are truly so inspiring.

your friend,


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