MH Letter #3: An open letter to my inspiring friend Rhianna

” Dear Rhianna

So where do I start? First of all, this series of letters I have created was designed to support my friends from the mental health community. Though I know we haven’t really spoken, I still consider you my friend and I want you to know how much I appreciate you.

I started blogging back in March/April – I’m not quite sure – and of the first bloggers I followed was you. If I think about, I followed Joe around the same time and you two have been goals from the beginning. Joe will get his own moment of fame later, so I will focus on you. You are literally my blogging idol. Yes I know we are in completely different categories and I’m only a little blogger compared to you, but I want you to know I’ve learnt a lot from you. You are really creative and motivating. Your content is always fresh, full of quality and I love the way you write. It’s very engaging and it’s really inviting to your audience.

Not only your blog has inspired me to be honest, your twitter and tweets have made me aware of this form of social media and how to use it. I’ve started engaging more in twitter chats, started more conversations with fellow bloggers and your blogpost/youtube video about the Bullet journal was a life saver! On the topic of youtube, your videos have made me toughest days more bearable and for that I’m thankful. I mean it, you are one of the best persons on this planet.

I’ve met so many awesome people through following you and one day I had the courage to tweet you. And again. And again. You responded and it really felt good. Fast forward a couple of months and then the moment came you and Joe followed me. I was so thrilled, you can’t imagine how happy that made me. It might not be much to you, but for me it was a sign I was doing this blogging stuff in a proper way, because my idols followed me and interacted with me. It surely was one of my highlights of 2016.

But what I admire the most about you, is you as a person. I mean Joe knows all about this, but for you and for the people out there, I’m going to say once more; You are bloody fantastic. You have one the kindest souls on this planet and you are such a sweetheart to all your friends. One of the most brilliant things about you is that you are a big blogger – at least for me you are – but you always try to respond to tweets and messages. It doesn’t matter which size you are as a blogger, you treat us all the same. Great stuff buddy.

You are very creative, intelligent and passionate young woman who never fails to inspire us. Your outfit posts where you look beautiful or your witty puns on twitter or your kind words spoken out for a serious cause. You are one of the best on this planet and please know that we all appreciate you. Never stop making jokes, never stop believing in your dreams, never give up. You are so strong and when you are feeling a little blue, remember that we care about you!

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for inspiring a lot of people every day. Thank you for being honest and genuine. Thank you for your blog, youtube and twitter. Thank you for being you.

Keep shining your light and your positivity on us all. I’m certain we will keep growing because of you and just be the diamond you are already. You are amazing.

your friend,



This letter was written as part of my new #MHLetters series. You can read more about it here.
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You can follow Rhianna on the following spaces:

Blog: Robowecop
Twitter: @robowecop

Instagram: @robowecop
Youtube: @robowecop 

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