MH Letter #4: An open letter to my good friend Hannah

” Dear Hannah
If I would have to describe a mental health warrior. A warrior who not only fights for their own sake, but also fight for the health of others, I wouldn’t have to look further. I’ve found the personification of the mental health warrior and that’s you, sweet Hannah.

I remember being very excited to be followed by you, little did I knew then that you would change my life and many others. I was in a very bad place and I didn’t know many people who were supportive like you. I honestly think I would be in very dark place right now if it wasn’t for you, I know.
You are a fantastic person. Very kind, honest and genuine. You are funny, intelligent, beautiful and you always have the right things to say. Your blog is absolutely fantastic and I look up to it so much. You never back down from helping people, even if you are struggling yourself. That is so admirable and I have thought and think very high of you. I saw the strength and the ability to help people in you, but creating and introducing #TalkMH to us all. Wow. You are a true angel to us all and you helped us out so so much.
I personally see it as a lifesaver. I truly do. I have been able to talk about my mental illnesses without feeling misunderstood. Without feeling punished or weird or the need to feel ashamed. Every time I take part in the twitter chat it’s like talking to family including hugs and getting love. You have created something that saved people and helps people every day. You have created friendships. On of the most beautiful things about the #TalkMH in my opinion is the fact that it makes ‘real life relationships’ less hard. I struggled to talk to anyone in the ‘real’ world, but by talking to you guys, I’m less frustrated and that has proven to be a wonderful thing for me personally.
I’ve made friends who are not only online friends, but are my best friends. I talk to them every day. I’m going to meet them because of you Hannah, you have united all of us and I can’t wait for the meet in April. It’ll will be an emotional-hugging-giving love- extravaganza and it will be awesome! 
I think I can say on behalf of everyone involved in #TalkMH, thank you. Thank you for talking the time to talk to us. Thank you for supporting us. Thank you listening and sending us love. Thank you for creating this awesome chat which also has created a strong set of friendship. Thank you for bringing us together and thank you for including this Dutch lad.
My words fail me right now, but I always say: Love will corrupt this growing hate in the world and the hate our brain infects us with. Love will corrupt it and you are leading the way. That’s why we love you, Hannah.
Shine on, you beautiful diamond, shine on.
Your friend,
Marc “

This letter was written as part of my new #MHLetters series. You can read more about it here.
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