MH Letter #5: An open letter to a star, to Lauren

“Dear Lauren,

How are things Lauren? This is my way of letting know how awesome I think you are. You are a great friend and we might have lost touch lately due to work and uni, but I want you to know a few things. I want you to know that there isn’t day that I don’t think about you and talking to you does make this life so much better. I promise you, you are a diamond.

First of all, let me tell you how immensely proud I am of you. you have graduated, landed a job and your blog is fantastic. Your blog is goals, I mean that’s what the cool kids say nowadays, isn’t it? You speak about things you are passionate about and you do it so well. You our so outspoken, but yet very considerate of the feelings and emotions circling around the various topics you talk about.

Mental health is a thing you are passionate about and it’s that topic that has brought us together. We started talking and talking via DM, it was great and very helpful for me. It was in that period that you, Hannah and Mel got me through it. For that, I’m forever in your debt and I’m so grateful for you. It’s your kindness and love that has helped me and so many other people. Especially when you decided to create the #MHMailSwap. What a brilliant idea!! I’ve met Louise through that and we have been the best mates ever since, and I have you to thank for it. Thank you so much for guaranteeing the quality of life for me.

You are so uncommonly kind, you are true gem. This is so hard to find, but you have proven us all one thing: Love and care helps. It’s your light shining bright that brings people together and together with Hannah, you two have created a beautiful community. No that’s not the right word for it. you have created a new family. A family full of love and hugs. As I’m writing this I’m crying. It are tears of joy, I’m so grateful for everyone and I just want to tell you; you are beautiful.

You are so cool, like your clothing style is on point. On fleek. I have no idea, but it so awesome! To me you are a fashion icon. Keep slaying it! But you have proven to me that you are a kind, gentle and loving soul. Being there for everyone and even when things are busy, you always come back to us. You are brilliant.

I love the conversations I have with you, they are so brilliant.  You sense of humor is fantastic and you have touched our lives with every kind, sweet, loving and thoughtful word you have ever spoken. You are such an intelligent lass, you just understand things, y’know what I mean? Not only mental health wise, but you understand concepts of living and society. You make me more intelligent by writing your brilliant blogposts, your comments and our conversations. Thank you so much.

Promise me one thing, whenever you feel low or doubting yourself. Read back this open letter and see how much we love you. You are beautiful inside and out, you are a star. Keep shining the way you do and keep doing the things you do best. You enlighten us all and you are the solution to all the hate out there.

I’m so grateful for you.

Your pal,


This letter was written as part of my new #MHLetters series. You can read more about it here.
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