MH Letter #6: An open letter to my inspiring friend, Nicole

” Dear Nicole,
Inspiration is a funny word. It’s used so much these days, myself guilty of using it a lot. But when someone asks me about inspiration or inspiring person, one of the first persons I think about is you Nicole. This is a letter to you, for you to read whenever you feel a little blue. A letter to my inspiring friend Nicole.

I don’t know when exactly, but I think it was just after publishing my first mental health post, that I found you on twitter. Our mutual good friend Sara had pointed me in your direction and for that I’m so very grateful. It’s unreal how grateful I’m for you two. You two are sunshine in a very dark world sometimes. I saw your blog and your content, I was intimidated at first. You have so high quality blogpost, not only in photography, but also in your way of writing. It blew me all away and one of the first things I remember thinking was: Jeez, I sure hope my content will be only half as good as hers in the future.
The thing that inspired me the most about your blog is the brutal honesty of your mental health struggles. You just say it like it is, how it feels. It’s so honest and it inspires me every day. People say that my blogposts are honest and inspiring, but to all those that say that I say; Nicole was my inspiration.
What everyone can see is that you are the most supportive person out there. You are always there for people, encouraging them reach out or to talk about it. It’s so admirable and you have listened to me so many time, I haven’t got a clue where I would be, if it wasn’t for your blog, love and care. I want to thank you for your kind words in my darkest hours, where you inspired me to keep fighting and letting me know that things will get better. 
You are so so kind and you have created awareness on your blog and with your twitter. I see a lot of fantastic bloggers admire you and I’m not even surprised. You put so much effort into your blog and I’m so incredibly proud of you and the fact that you want to be my friend. You are incredible human, one of my favourite humans.
If there’s one thing I would like to say is, keep on going like the. Keep blessing us with your content and your brilliant person. Keep fighting these struggles and this stigma. We all love you and support you, because you are lovely. You are my friend. My sister. We are family and together we going to make the best of it. I’m so glad that I’ve met you and I know you are going to do great things in the time to come.
It’s okay to not be okay. Giving in to your mental illnesses or mental health issues is not the end. It’s not about winning or losing battles, it’s about winning the war. You are a true warrior. I’m so proud of you.
Your pal,
Marc “

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