MH Letters #15: An open letter to my buddy Alana!

“Dear Alana

I don’t know if you know this, but your tweets and snaps cheer me up on daily basis. You have been an amazing friend who always supports me and I want you to know that you are bloody amazing. Here’s my little open letter to the amazing Scottish lass that is Alana.

Before I got all famous – haha lol joking-, before I got the following I got now, you were one of my followers already and I know you have always been supportive. Supportive of my terrible jokes and supportive of me when my days are dark. It has proven to be very difficult on my worst depression days, but you are here showing me my strength and that’s just amazing.

You always say that I’m so kind, but you my friend are kindness personified. I see you throw kindness around like confetti and it’s absolutely brilliant buddy. It fills my heart with so much joy to see you boost other people’s confidence and share in their achievements. At those times, I just want to hug for being the number one human in the world. Faith in humanity, restored!

What I really about your blog is how unique your writingstyle is, it is so you. I have the feeling you are talking to me personally when you are writing and that’s just awesome, because you are awesome. It’s so awesome to have you as a mate and we have really brilliant conversations already. It’s been one of my positive things of the last year meeting you and you are truly one of my best friends.

I honestly recommend you to so many people – most people already follow because, mate you rock – and I can’t stop laughing when I see your tweets haha. They are the best and you are fantastic, everyone knows that.

I know people can be mean sometimes, but I want you to remember that you are worth so much more and are better than that. You are one of the strongest persons I know and admire you so much. You are an idol to me and I’m so, so proud of you. Proud of what you do, proud of what you have achieved and so proud of the person you are. It’s really very awesome to see you interact with other bloggers and to see all the GIF references.

You are such a nice person, you are so fantastic and you continue to inspire us everyday. Thank you for doing that and being such a bundle of sunshine and positivity in this world where fear continues to get us down. Thank you for all the lovely words, the times you read my blog and the times you supported me.

It’s so great to have met you online buddy and I hope one day, I’ll meet you and go on that Trainspotting tour! Take care and remember that I’m a great fan of yours and your friend.

your buddy,


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