MH Letters #17: An open letter to my pal Sara

“Dear Sara,

If there’s someone who has supported me from the very beginning, when I started blogging, it’s you. You have been there for me, always. You have always supported me, cared for me and made me laugh. This open letter is for the world to see what an awesome, creative and talented friend you are to me and to others.

I think you are one of the first bloggers I ever did interact with and from the start I have noticed what a special you are. You have one of the kindest souls ever, always trying to help people and spread positivity. If people ever ask where I got my supportive nature from on twitter, it’s thanks to you dear Sara. You are truly an angel on this world.

One of the most awesome things about you is the fact that you have Italian blood, like omg. That is so awesome. I love the stories you told me about your family and how proud you are of Juventus and the Italian national team. During the European Championships it was amazing to see you so excited and perhaps a bit crazy as that I am.

You have such an amazing talent for writing pal, it’s fantastic. Your blog always produces high quality content on very important subjects. For that I applaud you and the way you write is very engaging, interacting and well written. Every word is picked with great thought and you have the amazing talent to put the right words with the corresponding emotions and feelings. For me that’s incredibly fantastic and is a sign of being a fantastic writer that you are.

I’m so so so proud of you. You have written your own book, which I had the privilege of reading. For that I’m forever grateful. You graduated yesterday and I feel like an amazing proud brother, you have done so extremely well and I’m feeling emotional. You keep shining and you keep doing these great things. You have given me so much reason to keep fighting for my life goals and you are so inspiring. Always supporting people and spreading positivity. Thank you so much for shining your light on us all.

You have so a fantastic personality lovely Sara. You are so kind, sweet, caring, loving and always out to help others. I think that is a great quality. You are very intelligent, funny and supportive. Never forget that you make a lot of us smile every day with your smile, jokes and positive comments. With you in our lives, life is feeling better already.

You are such a beautiful soul and I promise you, one day we will meet and we will watch Juventus together. You are one of the best friends I have, never forget that. You can achieve everything you set your mind to do. Sending big hugs.

Your mate,


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  1. december 18, 2016 / 4:32 pm

    OMG Marc this is the nicest thing ever!! I honestly just got so emotional reading this and I don't even know what to say. I guess a huge thank you would be a good start but then again that's just not enough to express how grateful I am for all the support you show me. You know that I'm grateful for it though right? I hope you do. You're amazing mate. Much love x


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