MH Letters #19: An open letter to my good friend Rachel

“Dear Rachel,

Maybe this will come like a bit of a surprise to you, but I think about regularly. You have been a very good friend to me and I wanted you to know that you are someone with a very special place in my heart and want the world to know, what a brilliant and intelligent young woman you are. This open letter is for you Rachel.

You are a fantastic person Rachel and I think you have not only saved me, but you have inspireert me to keep on blogging when I felt that I should delete my blog. You convinced me of my qualities of a blogger and that my work is inspiring as well, for that I am forever grateful.

I really look up to you to be completely honest, you have been a blogging idol and i wish i had your calmness sometimes when dealing with difficult situations. Everytime I read one of your blogposts I felt so in awe of your talent. The talent to be completely honest about how you feel and still give so good advice to us all. I am so proud of you Rachel, you have no idea.

You are an active advocate of mental health and it was you that organised the first mental health meet up in Manchester. I am sorry I couldnt come, but everyone told me how awesome it was and it made me so proud of everyone to see them connecting and seeing that our daily struggles have led to nee friendships! And we have you to Thank for it, so Thank you very much dear Rachel.

You are such an intelligent person and you have the patience to educate and inform all of us. You always talk with the best intentions and you always make sure we see the bigger picture, which is not easy. You educate us so much and you have taught me so Many things about mental health and how to have friendships with people who do have a mental health issue or illness. You are so intelligent and Thank you for always making sure that the World is better.

You are genuinely a sweetheart with the most kind soul. I feel so blessed to have found you and I couldnt imagine a life without you anymore. Thank you so much for being the diamond that you are and Thank you for your friendship.

Your friend,



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