MH Letters #20: An open letter to my friend Hannah

“Dear Hannah,

I guess this open letter amy come as a bit of a surprise to you, but hear me out. Mental health is very difficult to deal with and talking about it is not as easy as we all think sometimes. I think you are one of the most courageous and awesome people around, I’m very proud to call you a friend. Well, at least I do haha.s

I’ve been following you for a LONG time pal, you have been one of my favourite bloggers since I’ve starten and I’ve followed you on twitter as well. I think what really is amazing about you, is the fact that your tweets make me laugh almost every day and for that I’m so, so grateful. You have no idea.

Let me tel you, how incredibly proud I am of you. It might seem strange, because we haven’t actually spoken a lot. I feel we should though. But I am so proud of how you have slayed the last year, you have battled through it all and I’m sitting here like a proud brother. You have done so well with your masters and this is just another sign of how intelligent you are. A very inspiring young woman and a friend I will cherish forever.

When you followed me back on twitter, there were scenes. There might have been a little dance as well. LOL. But for real, I was very happy, because in my opinion you are one of my blogging idols. I never thought I would become with you, because you are so much better than I am. But I’m so glad we are friends, because you add to the quality of my life. You make our world more complete and better. I want you to remember that. You are brilliant.

I know when you are reading this, you will probably think: Marc, stop it. I hate you. I know you, but I wantend you to know that you mean a lot to me and otters. You make our lives better and I know a lot of people who want to meet you. I’m one of those people, because I think we would make very good friends and constantly make fun of each other haha.

Banter aside – omg, did I just say that?! – you are a beautiful woman, Hannah. Inside and out, you are diamond, a shining diamond. You are always kind and you always make sure to ask people how they are doing, that’s just great. You also engage a lot with other bloggers on twitter and I really appreciate that. I’m not alone in appreciating that, it’s one of the best things in blogging and twitter-life, having engagement. Thank you so much.

Like I said, you are very bright, intelligent and smart. You have a kind soul, you are very funny (autocorrect made it funky, you are that too). You are incredibly talented, never forget that. I feel very Fortunate to have met you on twitter. Thank you for all the cool memories and the times we laughed. Thank you so much for being you. You are a true friend.

Your pal,



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