MH Letters #8: An open letter to my buddy Mike

“Dear Mike

First of all, I think you really can appreciate the fantastic picture above and I can only think of you laughing very hard right now haha.

Writing an open letter to a bro was definitely a challenge, but I guess it meant even more for me to do it. We have followed each other for quite some time now and interacted before #TalkMH started, but after that kicked off we really became friends. I’m very grateful to have you as a mate, because together with Rich you were the first dudes I talked with about mental health and that means a lot to me.

I have never met someone so passionate about so many things – and meat on pizza – , it’s fantastic. You have inspired me by talking so openly about your mental health on twitter, your blog and your podcast. The podcast especially is just a brilliant idea. Not only do you spread awareness for mental health with your guests. You also bring people to life, we all know have a more complete idea of the persons behind the twitters and blogs, that can help so many people with coming out with their story and trusting others online, which can be very hard. Thank you so much for setting these safe borders and being so awesome.

You are such a genuine guy, talking to you gives me energy and I know I’m not alone! I’ve also heard you give me the best hugs, so let them come mate! I feel so lucky to have met an awesome guy like you, I can talk about anything with you and it’s very rare for me to find such a male friend. So thank you so much for always being a great buddy and enabling me to open even more.

You make laugh everyday and your tweets are the best. You make me cry with laughter with your awesome comments on twitter and it fills everyone with joy to have you as a friend. I 1000% recommend you to all my mates and you are just a complete friend to be honest. You got the whole bro-package going on. Male love is so important and such a valuable thing. There is a lot of stigma surround mental health and even more so when we are talking about men and mental health, but you are doing a great job trying to reduce that. You can be so proud of yourself!

You are so intelligent, caring, loving and supportive. You are a friend everyone wishes for and I got that friend. Stay as cool as you are mate, I’m so bloody proud of you!

your buddy,
This letter was written as part of my new #MHLetters series. You can read more about it here.

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