Fashion: My Friday Suit

Fashion. Yeah. Not really good at that to be honest. Let alone writing blogposts about it haha. But I’m going to give it a try and see what people actually think about them. I had fun doing them and I love writing about them as well. It’s great to write about your style or anything, seeing people comment on them. So ‘ere it goes!

They say wearing a suit, really makes you feel more confident. That’s so true people, everytime I put on a suit, I instantly feel so fly, awesome and yes, even a bit sexy. It’s strange, because a year ago I wouldn’t even think of me putting my face on a camera to pose for some fashion shots. I still think there are better ideas in this world. But it makes me feel so sophisticated, it’s mad. I know I’m not the most healthy, handsome, sexy, thin or athletic guy out there. But putting on a suit gives me the confidence I sometimes need, to slay the world.

This is my work suit, but I wear it every week and it’s literally awesome. The trousers are just about the right length and they fit perfectly. They are not too tight or too wide, they gave me the room to move about and they still look smart. Also, very important. My crown jewels are safe and have room to breathe. Laugh about it, but it’s truly very important that.

A white shirt is rather basic and I’m not entirely happy with the one I got but with the tie, it looks pretty okay I believe. The tie is not really the right colour to go with the suit as a whole, but I also think it gives that extra to the suit, that it’s not typical standard convention.

The pullover jumper is warm and basic. It’s a weird thing, because I not always feel comfortable wearing a jumper underneath a jacket, but it fits and it’s warm. Especially when you are working outside and it’s bloody -3 in a football stadium. You can’t see my belt, but it’s sort of the same colour as my shoes.

I had so much fun making this blogpost! I love wearing suits and I might not be completely comfortable with my appearance yet, I’m determined to make more fashion posts this year. I’ve got a decent camera now I think and some good outfits as well. So I hope it hasn’t bored you or anything.

Let me please know what you think of it!

An open letter to my buddy Lauren

“Dear Lauren

You would think I would start with drunk Lauren didn’t you? I prefer to call you a wine connaisseur – yes you can add that to your CV, you are welcome.

You are one of my favourite people on the planet and this letter is not only here to let you know of your awesomeness, but also to let the world see how much I value your friendship and how your existence has not only made life better, but also more complete.

Like with Amanda, I’ve been admiring you for quite some while now! I mean, look at you though, you are just goals in every way. To me your were kind of a big deal and I guess you are a big deal, because everything you do I try to look at and read. You are a true talent, never forget that my friend.
I’m not sure when we met – or as I like to put it, when you noticed me me haha. I guess you started to talk about how inspiring I was for talking out about mental health and I was completely baffled to be honest. An idol compliments my work, well that’s life made, innit?

You are an inspiration to me at so many different levels, you have no idea. You probably thinking how? Well everything you do, say or make a picture of inspires me so much. Everything you have achieved makes me so incredibly proud to call you a friend. There’s not a day that I’m not laughing about your funny tweets or being motivated by all your little adventures.

What I love about you is everything, obviously. But what I love about you so much is that you are a brilliant friend to everyone, there if people need cheering up. You are called the Sass Queen and that’s no word of a lie, you literally have me in stitches every day. I love our conversations about food and hangovers – although I don’t drink -, they are literally the best!

It’s great seeing other people appreciating and loving you as well, you are so loved. You are so inspiring and there’s not a day in this world that I don’t see people spread love to you and say how much you inspire, motivate and encourage them, you truly are a gem.

It might not seem like much, but adding me to that instagram pod actually means so much to me. You all are brilliant bloggers and people on instagram, I’m just a small drop in the ocean. But still everyone is so lovely and you enabled me to get to know new people and I’ve made new friends. Thank you so much for that, I can’t thank you enough.

You are one of the most kind people I have ever met, you have been there for me in my darkest days and never failed to support me. You spread so much love and getting instagram comments from you, literally make my life. Thank you ever so much for that. You are beautiful, pretty and hot. You are intelligent, supportive, funny, lovely, inspiring, creative and motivating.

I genuinely can say that you inspire so many people every day. One of the things I have learnt from you is to be more sassy and confident about myself or my appearance. I love myself more, I even wrote a blogpost about male body confidence. That all started with you, you giving me confidence and telling me how awesome I am. That means so much to me, you have no idea.

You have changed my life with your presence, you have shown me gratitude, love and appreciation. You are more than just a friend, you are a friend I will cherish forever and you are like family to me. It might be different to you, but you are so important to me. Life wouldn’t be the same without you anymore, and I really hope I can meet you one day. Because, you deserve the biggest of hugs. Also we will smash all the pizza and go on a wild night out.

Shine on you beautiful diamond <3

Your Dutch buddy,




Male bloggers who are fly AF – January

The last time I checked, I identify as a male blogger. I try to interact with a lot of bloggers, but I came to the conclusion that those people are mostly female. I don’t mind that all, but I think it’s time to spread some more love for my favourite male bloggers. So every month, I’m going to pick out 5 who absolutely inspire me on different levels.

Peter – I’m Peter Blog

Peter is the embodiement of the blogger that I want to be. He’s a very inspiring bloke, who really invested in his blog in 2016 and can’t wait to see what 2017 brings for him (us). I particularly like his outfit post, because I think his style and sense of fashion is on point and I absolutely love everything he shows us. Not only is he one of my favourite male bloggers, he’s very kind, gentle and warm. He has reached out to me several times when I was feeling down, reassuring me of my own worth, my blog and that people appreciate my effort. That’s really awesome and he always takes the time to reply to my messages. If there’s one thing I am aspiring to be in 2017, is to be more like Peter.

Arran – Halo of Thoughts

It’s great to see more male bloggers coming up. I’m an upcoming blogger as well, because my blog is 10 months old. It’s great to see when you appreciated and from the moment on that my name was named as an inspiration for Arran’s blog, I have kept in touch with this amazing guy. What I love about his blog is that it’s quite diverse, it’s not restricted to a certain niche so to speak. I can read about NFL, grooming, food, his engagement with Alice and lots of other stuff. The diversity makes the individuality of the blog so amazing. It’s what draws me to this blog, because it genuinely is unique. Arran is one of the most awesome guys I’ve met online and I like to think we are friends. He’s kind, supportive and always makes sure to help where help is needed. He raises awareness for so many different and important topics, I’m so proud of this guy.

Joe literally was the first male blogger I came across and I’m so glad I did. He gave me an idea of what it was to be a lifestyle blogger and I think he inspired me to do my own thing. He’s brilliant and so fly, when I saw his bio telling me stuff like loud music enthusiast/listener and Yorkshire I was sold. Sometimes you see a blog and everything you read, has a certain cool and positive vibe about it, this I got with Joe’s blog. It gave me so much inspiration and encouragement, to not only get on with blogging. But also invest time and effort in twitter and instagram. I can’t thank the man enough. He seriously is a great guy and together with Rhianna, they have been so good to me. I’m sure if we would ever meet, we would hit it off brilliantly and I love his love for gaming. Definitely a must follow.

Connor – We are happier together

It’s always a great thing to learn about new bloggers and this is my new friend Connor. Connor is absolutely slaying mental health blogging and it’s so good, even more special when you come to think that he’s fairly new to blogging. This dude is so talented with words, it’s unbelievable. Every word is carefully chosen, every word resembles an emotion. It’s so profoundly put, it’s as if I’m talking to a well praised author, but I’m sure he will be at some point. It’s so important to talk mental health, even more so talking about male mental health. He’s one of the guys out there and you should definitely talk with this brilliant guy!
Charlie – Modish male

It’s fantastic when you see male bloggers doing well and growing. It’s like cheering someone when they do awesome in life, well that’s me with Charlie. I love his content and I think he’s not only talented, he is bloody funny as well. His tweet crank me up every single time and he’s honestly such a nice bloke. Both his blog and tweet, inspire me every day. It’s really great to see someone like Charlie, slaying outfits. It motivated and encourages me to be a better male lifestyle blogger in 2017. Thanks Charlie mate! 
Who are your favourite male bloggers at the moment?

Next month, 5 other top male bloggers


An open letter to the amazing Amanda

“Dear Amanda

First of all I want to appreciate the Amazing Amanda part in my blog title. It sounds like a brilliant superhero. I think you should pursue that kind of career from now on.

Okay banter aside, I wanted to write this to let you know how much you mean to, but more particularly, how much you mean to a lot of us. I’m very proud to call you a friend and although we haven’t spoken much, I don’t think my life would be complete you anymore. Your friendship has touched my heart.

No word of a lie, I adored you – don’t worry, still do – from a distance. I once saw you on twitter and saw your tweets, following and blog. I thought wow. It’s one of those things, right. You follow someone with the idea that this person will never see you between all the other thousands of followers. Let alone become friends, because to me you are an idol. A true inspiration to the blogging world.

As good and as informative and amusing your blogposts are, as funny are your tweets. Your tweets have literally helped me through some tough times. When I was in a dark place with only death on my mind, it were your tweets shining bright that helped me create a smile and make me realise I had to fight for life. I still am fighting every single day, but I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for everything you done for me. Bless you Amanda.

Recently we’ve become friends – Well at least that’s how I see it haha – through Lauren’s instagram comment group. It really gave me a better idea of how you were and I love how you are doing your insta game. I’m a newbie at blogging and instagram and photography, but I love how you are so encoruaging and genuinely love what I do or say.

But perhaps the most great thing about you, is you. That mind sound a bit cryptic and stuff, but I genuinely think you are one of the nicest, sweet, kind and lovely people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. It’s funny that I once thought that I could consider myself lucky if I even had a like from you and now we are friends. It’s definitely something that makes my life more complete and better.

She’s bloody beautiful, fam have we took a look at here eyes though. Excuse me while I drown in those eyes. Genuinely so pretty and beautiful, both inside and out. So supportive, funny, intelligent and talented. A diamond on this world and we are all lucky to have her in our lives people!

I want to thank you for being so sweet. For being so kind. For being so funny. For being hot AF. For being intelligent. For being supportive. Thank you for being your amazing you lovely and I hope when we meet one time, we might give each other a big hug and then eat all the food. Because food is the foundation of every decent friendship.
Your buddy,


10 Alternative New Year’s Resolutions

Okay, I know. It’s almost 2018 and I’m writing 2017 New Year’s Resolutions. I’m not sorry, at all. I’m not the person to write Resolutions, let alone try to achieve them. I see so many goals and resolutions, the one more ambitious than the other. It’s not my style, so let’s have a laugh with my alternative resolutions, easy to achieve and all good fun. Right?

1. Call someone a scruffy cunt
I’m not going to lie, but I’m obsessed with British insults and swearing. I believe I heard this particular insult in Trainspotting – FYI 12 days till Trainspotting 2 – and I just want to use it. I never get in the situation that I can call someone a scruffy cunt without people getting mad. So good first resolutions, me thinks.
2. Eat an average of three doughnuts a week
Like my main man Homer Simpson said; In doughnuts we trust. No truer words have ever been spoken. I think we all need more powdered sugar in our diets. Makes us feel human, d’ya know what I mean?
3. Get my Liam Gallagher on
Don’t give a single fuck. Well that isn’t easy, but sometimes I just need to stop being so lovely all the time and stand my ground.  Be confident and cocky, I’m fly as fuck.
4. Bingewatching 2.0
I don’t care what life throws at me. Work, Uni or otherwise. I shall and must bingewatch all the series fam. 
5. Buy more football shirt and scarves
“You already got so much stuff, how about selling some?” – Erm, how about NO? I want to expand my collection this year and I will most definitely not sell anything.
6. Tweet more ridiculous shit
A man said, stuff you tweet must be relevant. I don’t share that view. I’m going to tweet about the weird, quirky things that go round in my head. I’ll make jokes only I can laugh about it. I will reply with stupid comments, because that’s what I do. Embrace it.
7. Lobby for the incarceration of anyone who likes pinapple on pizza
I will definitely get in to debates and discussions about this one. But I don’t care, pizza is life WITHOUT pineapple. Are you mad, bruv? Fruits don’t go on pizza.
8. Say fuck you to everyone who questions why I don’t drink
I’m getting mad. I don’t drink, that’s okay. Stop questioning why I don’t drink. I just don’t fancy it. So everyone who questions it will get the V, for fuck sake.
9.  I will be growing my insta
It’s going to be lit this year. I won’t have a team and I will grow my insta. No other option. I won’t fail.  I don’t care what people say – okay I will, but that is not cool to say
10.  Meet my UK peeps and.. smash all the food
Like yeah, I get it fam. Hugs and love and all that. But most importantly food. I want pizza, pies, meat, Nando’s, Wagamama. The lot. All the food. Share this goodness with y’al
So, what are your bloody awesome alternative goals for 2017?