An open letter to the amazing Amanda

“Dear Amanda

First of all I want to appreciate the Amazing Amanda part in my blog title. It sounds like a brilliant superhero. I think you should pursue that kind of career from now on.

Okay banter aside, I wanted to write this to let you know how much you mean to, but more particularly, how much you mean to a lot of us. I’m very proud to call you a friend and although we haven’t spoken much, I don’t think my life would be complete you anymore. Your friendship has touched my heart.

No word of a lie, I adored you – don’t worry, still do – from a distance. I once saw you on twitter and saw your tweets, following and blog. I thought wow. It’s one of those things, right. You follow someone with the idea that this person will never see you between all the other thousands of followers. Let alone become friends, because to me you are an idol. A true inspiration to the blogging world.

As good and as informative and amusing your blogposts are, as funny are your tweets. Your tweets have literally helped me through some tough times. When I was in a dark place with only death on my mind, it were your tweets shining bright that helped me create a smile and make me realise I had to fight for life. I still am fighting every single day, but I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for everything you done for me. Bless you Amanda.

Recently we’ve become friends – Well at least that’s how I see it haha – through Lauren’s instagram comment group. It really gave me a better idea of how you were and I love how you are doing your insta game. I’m a newbie at blogging and instagram and photography, but I love how you are so encoruaging and genuinely love what I do or say.

But perhaps the most great thing about you, is you. That mind sound a bit cryptic and stuff, but I genuinely think you are one of the nicest, sweet, kind and lovely people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. It’s funny that I once thought that I could consider myself lucky if I even had a like from you and now we are friends. It’s definitely something that makes my life more complete and better.

She’s bloody beautiful, fam have we took a look at here eyes though. Excuse me while I drown in those eyes. Genuinely so pretty and beautiful, both inside and out. So supportive, funny, intelligent and talented. A diamond on this world and we are all lucky to have her in our lives people!

I want to thank you for being so sweet. For being so kind. For being so funny. For being hot AF. For being intelligent. For being supportive. Thank you for being your amazing you lovely and I hope when we meet one time, we might give each other a big hug and then eat all the food. Because food is the foundation of every decent friendship.
Your buddy,


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