Fashion: My Friday Suit

Fashion. Yeah. Not really good at that to be honest. Let alone writing blogposts about it haha. But I’m going to give it a try and see what people actually think about them. I had fun doing them and I love writing about them as well. It’s great to write about your style or anything, seeing people comment on them. So ‘ere it goes!

They say wearing a suit, really makes you feel more confident. That’s so true people, everytime I put on a suit, I instantly feel so fly, awesome and yes, even a bit sexy. It’s strange, because a year ago I wouldn’t even think of me putting my face on a camera to pose for some fashion shots. I still think there are better ideas in this world. But it makes me feel so sophisticated, it’s mad. I know I’m not the most healthy, handsome, sexy, thin or athletic guy out there. But putting on a suit gives me the confidence I sometimes need, to slay the world.

This is my work suit, but I wear it every week and it’s literally awesome. The trousers are just about the right length and they fit perfectly. They are not too tight or too wide, they gave me the room to move about and they still look smart. Also, very important. My crown jewels are safe and have room to breathe. Laugh about it, but it’s truly very important that.

A white shirt is rather basic and I’m not entirely happy with the one I got but with the tie, it looks pretty okay I believe. The tie is not really the right colour to go with the suit as a whole, but I also think it gives that extra to the suit, that it’s not typical standard convention.

The pullover jumper is warm and basic. It’s a weird thing, because I not always feel comfortable wearing a jumper underneath a jacket, but it fits and it’s warm. Especially when you are working outside and it’s bloody -3 in a football stadium. You can’t see my belt, but it’s sort of the same colour as my shoes.

I had so much fun making this blogpost! I love wearing suits and I might not be completely comfortable with my appearance yet, I’m determined to make more fashion posts this year. I’ve got a decent camera now I think and some good outfits as well. So I hope it hasn’t bored you or anything.

Let me please know what you think of it!

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