Male bloggers who are fly AF – January

The last time I checked, I identify as a male blogger. I try to interact with a lot of bloggers, but I came to the conclusion that those people are mostly female. I don’t mind that all, but I think it’s time to spread some more love for my favourite male bloggers. So every month, I’m going to pick out 5 who absolutely inspire me on different levels.

Peter – I’m Peter Blog

Peter is the embodiement of the blogger that I want to be. He’s a very inspiring bloke, who really invested in his blog in 2016 and can’t wait to see what 2017 brings for him (us). I particularly like his outfit post, because I think his style and sense of fashion is on point and I absolutely love everything he shows us. Not only is he one of my favourite male bloggers, he’s very kind, gentle and warm. He has reached out to me several times when I was feeling down, reassuring me of my own worth, my blog and that people appreciate my effort. That’s really awesome and he always takes the time to reply to my messages. If there’s one thing I am aspiring to be in 2017, is to be more like Peter.

Arran – Halo of Thoughts

It’s great to see more male bloggers coming up. I’m an upcoming blogger as well, because my blog is 10 months old. It’s great to see when you appreciated and from the moment on that my name was named as an inspiration for Arran’s blog, I have kept in touch with this amazing guy. What I love about his blog is that it’s quite diverse, it’s not restricted to a certain niche so to speak. I can read about NFL, grooming, food, his engagement with Alice and lots of other stuff. The diversity makes the individuality of the blog so amazing. It’s what draws me to this blog, because it genuinely is unique. Arran is one of the most awesome guys I’ve met online and I like to think we are friends. He’s kind, supportive and always makes sure to help where help is needed. He raises awareness for so many different and important topics, I’m so proud of this guy.

Joe literally was the first male blogger I came across and I’m so glad I did. He gave me an idea of what it was to be a lifestyle blogger and I think he inspired me to do my own thing. He’s brilliant and so fly, when I saw his bio telling me stuff like loud music enthusiast/listener and Yorkshire I was sold. Sometimes you see a blog and everything you read, has a certain cool and positive vibe about it, this I got with Joe’s blog. It gave me so much inspiration and encouragement, to not only get on with blogging. But also invest time and effort in twitter and instagram. I can’t thank the man enough. He seriously is a great guy and together with Rhianna, they have been so good to me. I’m sure if we would ever meet, we would hit it off brilliantly and I love his love for gaming. Definitely a must follow.

Connor – We are happier together

It’s always a great thing to learn about new bloggers and this is my new friend Connor. Connor is absolutely slaying mental health blogging and it’s so good, even more special when you come to think that he’s fairly new to blogging. This dude is so talented with words, it’s unbelievable. Every word is carefully chosen, every word resembles an emotion. It’s so profoundly put, it’s as if I’m talking to a well praised author, but I’m sure he will be at some point. It’s so important to talk mental health, even more so talking about male mental health. He’s one of the guys out there and you should definitely talk with this brilliant guy!
Charlie – Modish male

It’s fantastic when you see male bloggers doing well and growing. It’s like cheering someone when they do awesome in life, well that’s me with Charlie. I love his content and I think he’s not only talented, he is bloody funny as well. His tweet crank me up every single time and he’s honestly such a nice bloke. Both his blog and tweet, inspire me every day. It’s really great to see someone like Charlie, slaying outfits. It motivated and encourages me to be a better male lifestyle blogger in 2017. Thanks Charlie mate! 
Who are your favourite male bloggers at the moment?

Next month, 5 other top male bloggers


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