MH Letters #21: An open letter to the wonderful Alice

“Dear Alice,

This might come as a bit of a surprise to you, but I wanted to write you this for quite some time. Why I am writing this now? Well I was scared you wouldn’t like it or considered me a weird person – okay, I am bit weird – but I wanted to let you know what an amazing person you and to share this with the whole world.
I was really happy when you followed me back, because you were probably the first blogger I admired – I still admire you, don’t worry – that followed me back. I was happy, it made my day! Little did I knew back then about the true beauty of you as a person. You are truly inspiring and I am so lucky to experience that day in, day out.

I had little confidence in my blog and my twitter at one point, because I wasn’t really seeing those two growing. But you took time out of your life to tweet my about anything really. Angry Germans on the road, food or mental health. That really made an impact on, very positive. I felt like I had made a friend online, someone who actually cared what I had to say or appreciated that I cared for you. You have no idea, what that has done with my confidence. Everyone always says that I’m so supportive, but this has all got to do with us two tweeting each other. Thank you so much.

You are a very kind, sweet person and I’m sure many people agree with me. When I see how you tweet and how you interact with people, I feel so honoured to have ‘met’ you and it truly feels good to see you give love and get love in return as well. You are one of the persons that deserves the very best on this earth and to see that Arran makes you feel like that, well that is absolutely fantastic.

I started to talk with a lot of beauty bloggers after meeting you and I’m not sure why, but I know a lot of beauty related terms right now. Sometimes I feel like I know too much about beauty, but the things which I admire about you is that you are very intelligent. Sometimes I see non-beauty blogposts or I see a discussion on twitter and you are so well educated. You know a lot and speak with a sincere voice, you think and support your arguments. To be honest and to my sadness, you are part of a dying group.

You are very supportive, kind, sweet, beautiful, funny, witty and inspiring. Many people look up to you and it’s great to see that. It’s lovely to see your snapchats and support to other people. I’m truly proud of you and everything you. I know you are struggling at some points, but to me you are an inspiration on that front too. You make me aware that I should look after myself, which I don’t do enough to be honest. Thank you for teaching me valuable life lessons about mental health and relationships with people.

Your photo’s on instagram and twitter make me laugh and feel good. It’s wonderful to see you have your coffee, spending time with Arran and your family and friends or see that magnificent smile of yours. It truly is one of the best things in this world.

You have enabled me to meet a lot of people, I honestly think I’ve met hundreds people all because of. Direct or indirect, you have made this all possible. I’m very grateful for tagging me when Arran started blogging, because I feel he’s a great mate. It makes me so happy to see you two together and yeah, it’s just awesome! I’m very grateful too that I have met Emily through you, thank you for everything.

If you ever feel low or need to chat, I will always be here for you. I’m a true friend and I’m very grateful to have met you on here. You are truly a beautiful diamond.

Remember that you are strong, one of the strongest people I know. You always got this. You are a true warrior. We are not here to shrink into less, but to blossom into more. And you make the whole world blossom into more. Thank you so much.

Your friend,


This letter was written as part of my new #MHLetters series. You can read more about it here.

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