Never give in, Never give up

A new year, but no new beginnings
Everything that occurred in the past
Shaped us, molded us
Made us strong, resilient
and alive

The new year creates opportunity
Hard work love and
Will of the mind
Drives us into succes
Times will prove hard
Some days better 
Some days worse
Feeling low, fighting the wars
No time of ease or comfort
Time to endure
It’s okay, to not feel okay
But never give in, never give up
We are not here to shrink into less
But we are here to blossom into more
You are worth your breeding
You are strong, kind and caring
Selflove and selfcare
The key to a better life
Your goals are achievable
You can do anything
The power to succeed is all in your mind
You are the captain of your soul
Love will corrupt hate

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