The world is a dark place

As I’m feeling the sun burn on my skin and see the children smile,
The joys of adults chatting and nobody seems vile
The contrast between my mind and the world 
Is bigger than before

Colors are less bright
The smell of food doesn’t excite me
I’m tired, anxious and stressed
I can’t remember the last time, I felt at my best
The headache errupts from my eyes
My eyes who have been the fountain
Not of joy or youth
But the origins of these everlasting and recurring tears
I don’t dare to feel remotely better
It doesn’t feel like me anymore
The life I live is one of sorrow
Knowing that there will be a even more sad tomorrow
These are demon days, it’s cold inside
I’m fighting these battles to survive
A kingdom of doom and gloom
This war which I fight everyday
I feel like I’m lost and I’m losing ground
I don’t want it anymore, no more
Why do I feel so lonely and poor
I keep promising I will be okay
Reassuring friends for their conscience
But will I be?
All the light in the world 
Just seems to add to the contrast
Making the world more bright

And taking away my chance of light

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