10 IT Crowd GIFS that will make you ROFL

We all love a good laugh. Well I certainly hope so! There’s nothing that makes me laugh more than some IT Crowd once in a while. This series was just brilliant and I can literally watch it over and over again. And I will laugh every single time, probably will laugh harder every time. So I thought I would give you 10 of my favourite GIFS, so you can share in the laughter!

What’s your favourite IT Crowd moment? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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Male Bloggers who are fly AF – February

The last time I checked, I identify as a male blogger. I try to interact with a lot of bloggers, but I came to the conclusion that those people are mostly female. I don’t mind that all, but I think it’s time to spread some more love for my favourite male bloggers. So every month, I’m going to pick out 5 who absolutely inspire me on different levels.

The month is almost over, but I managed to get this blogpost just in time to talk about the male bloggers I admire!

John Sennet – John’s Road to Volunteering

In terms of supporting fellow bloggers, this man does take the crown. I’ve seen John supporting all bloggers. Male and female. Big and small. All topics and variety. Further more he is one heck of a volunteer and I have honestly learnt so much from him and from his blog. This is an absolute follow for everyone, he spreads love and kindness. He makes this world so much better with his positivity and strength. Absolutely awesome.

Patrick – Wasted Little PJ

Following many female bloggers has its perks. Sometimes you find out that the other halves are blogging as well, this is how I found Patrick. Patrick is an amazing dude, very awesome and football supporters as. He blog about his travels, burgers and beers. It’s a great male blog to follow and Patrick is one of the nicest guys around, who I’m happy to call a friend. A must follow!
Josh – Whatever Words
It’s amazing to find male bloggers who you share an interest with. But it’s even more amazing and just plain awesome to find bloggers who are passionate about their own mental health and mental health in general. Meet Josh, one of the most intelligent dudes out there and always willing to offer help and support. He’s loved by so many out there in the blogging community and his blogposts are really inspiring. Follow this lad and your life will be better for it.
Ryan Mules – Ryan Mules
You got male lifestyle & fashion bloggers and there’s Ryan. I can relate so much to Ryan’s style and outfit choices. It makes me feel comfortable wearing my style, as it’s in the same direction. It also confidence, do what you want mentality. And for that I’ll be always grateful for this man. He also loves the beautiful game – being football – and lives in Wales, so yeah awesome lad! Go follow him, I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

Alex Green – Green who writes

Meet Alex, one of the true giants on this earth. He’s one great dude who always inspires me, be it mental health, football or else. His blog is a true diamond to the blogging world and I’m glad I’ve found it. But above all, he is a great guy. Always there to give reassurance, help or have a good laugh with. I guess this one of those friends you are glad you have and you can always count on each other. He’s bloody amazing. Go follow!

Which dudes do inspires you in the blogging world? Let me know!


An open letter to my buddy Gweni

“Dear Gweni,

You might still think, what’s this weirdo doing? Well, you are one of the most amazing people on this planet. Your inner beauty has not only inspired me countless times, but it has also brought me so much joy and laughter. And I know I’m not the only one. I’m writing you this letter to let you and all the world know, that you are amazing.

I guess you will call me silly after this letter, but I don’t care. You are one of the most inspiring women out there and let me tell you why. You have educated me so much about Trichotillomania and I would like to thank you for that. Not only have you explained to me what it is, how it affects you and how you deal with it every day. You have taught me how to be flipping awesome with it all. You have taught me a vital thing about mental health issues. It doesn’t define you, it’s part of you. Thank you so much.

You know, sometimes you see someone so beautiful, you think your eyes is playing tricks on you. You truly are so pretty, beautiful and I think that you would absolutely melt every man and woman’s heart. I know I keep saying this, but you have such beautiful eyes and please know that a lot of people think this.

One of the things I’m very grateful for is the fact that you added me to this Instagram pod. It might not mean much to you or to others, but you introduced me to so many sweet and awesome people. So talented, intelligent and lovely. Some of who have become my friends. You have enabled me to connect with bigger bloggers and have opened new opportunities for me. Thank you so, so much pal. It means the world.

I’ve followed you on snapchat for quite some time and it absolutely had me in stitches more than once. You are so flipping hilarious and I love that I was a little part of your adventure haha. Thank you for bringing so much joy into this world.

You are incredibly talented with your writing. Your writingstyle is one of the best I’ve seen in the last year and it makes me want to read more and more. I know, it’s mostly about beauty related topics, but if you know how to make me enthusiastic, you are doing a great job! Also I know way too much about make now, but I think that’s okay. Right?

But above all, you are an incredibly sweet, kind and lovely person. You have always shown kindness. Always been there for me, if I needed a chat and that’s something that means the world to me. You are uncommonly sweet and kind, this is something that will not go unnoticed in this world. Not only are you a real sweetheart, but you are very intelligent, talented, inspiring and encouraging. You have both the beauty and the brains, you are doing a masters in Law and for some reason it makes me incredibly proud to call you a friend.

The amount of times you have me laugh and smile, I have really no idea how much it is right now. But is a lot. Your tweets and blogposts and Instagram posts are like food to the soul and it’s so amazing.

Thank you for being an amazing person and friend. I love you buddy, you are so awesome. Never change. Always be your brilliant self. Shine on you beautiful diamond, shine on ❤️

your friend,


Twitter: https://twitter.com/g_beauty_blog
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/g_beauty_blog/
Blog: http://www.gbeauty.co.uk/


An open letter to my brilliant friend Charlie

“Dear Charlie,

I think you are wondering, what this is all about. And I’m guessing you are a bit shocked, that’s okay. I usually get this haha. But you are an amazing inspiration to me and I want you and the world to know, how special you are. How amazing you are. How beautiful you are. So this is dedicated to you, my friend.

I’ve been an admirer of your work for quite some to be honest. I love reading your blog and I thought everything you wrote was on point. On fleek. Or whatever the cool kids say nowadays. Anyway, it’s safe to say that I saw – and still see – you as my idol. An inspiration. Every day again.

So imagine when I you told me, you wanted me at Daily Focal! Wow, I was so shocked and happy. For me it meant a lot. Not only would I’ve been working with a great time and have a platform to develop my own blogging, but it also meant work together with you. That was such a cool thought and to this day, I don’t really know how I believe this happened. It’s so great to get involved with the people you admire in blogging and now I am 🙂

I’ve touched the topic, but Daily Focal is truly something where you can that Charlie is bloody amazing. She is the founder of this website where you can find articles on a variety of topics: Lifestyle, Entertainment & Mental Health. Written by bloggers. It’s truly amazing and when I first heard of it, I was really enthusiastic. I didn’t feel comfortable yet, asking about joining because all the bloggers involved, I considered so much better than me. But I’m glad I eventually did, because it has brought me both joy and I’ve grown with my writing.

The most amazing thing about Daily Focal for me is that the power of the collective. We all are different bloggers with different insights and opinions, but together we are strong and make Daily Focal as unique as it. And for that we have only person to thank, and that is Charlie. You have founded this, you run it and even when times are dark for yourself or for others, you keep fighting and running it. For that I admire you greatly.

Your personal blog is one of the best blogs out there and I don’t know how many times I recommended it to other bloggers and non-bloggers. To me it’s an example of how blogging should be, because you are so down to earth. You are such a nice blogger, very approachable and that’s how it should be. In times of blogging negativity, it were your words and actions that restored my faith. Thank you for that.

You’ve recently started a blog for a more local audience and I admire that so much. I really want to do that as well. It’s such an inspiring idea and you are one of the most prolific bloggers around. I’m so incredibly proud of you!

That brings me to the fantastic person you are Charlie. The above is absolutely fantastic, but to know the real you, is great. I feel so privileged and lucky to have you as a friend Charlie. You are very kind, sweet, genuine and lovely. You are always supporting your friends, even when you have some tough times yourself. You have taught me to think more like a good person and you have taught me my word. I can’t write down in words how much I’m grateful for your friendship and advice.

You never fail to make me smile or laugh, encourage and motivate me. You truly are one of the strongest person I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. It’s amazing to see you grow over the last months and it really gives me joy that you are slaying it right now. Your blog and instagram inspire me very single day.

You are so uncommonly kind, it’s really rare and I know that everything you say comes from the heart. I can see you really care about your loved ones and that is really amazing. I’m so proud that I know you and that we are friends. I’m proud of everything you do and I hope we will be friends for a very long time. I know my life is better and more complete with you in it, thank you for everything!

Please never change and be your brilliant self, shine on you beautiful diamond!

Your friend,


My favourite post on Charlie’s blog: http://www.styledbycharlie.com/2016/10/my-bipolar-and-me.html

Charlie’s blog: http://www.styledbycharlie.com/ + http://www.rutlandblog.co.uk/
Daily Focal: http://www.dailyfocal.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CharliePallett
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/charliepallett/


An open letter to the incredibly amazing Vix

“Dear Vix,

You are probably thinking: “What is this nutter going to do? Is he actually writing this blogpost about me like he said on twitter?” And the answer is yes. Yes, I am. I don’t think the world needs my blogpost about you, to know that you are changing, but this letter means to let the world know, how bloody special, beautiful and inspirational you are. So here it goes.
You need no introduction, because you are the queen of sass and awesomeness. But I do recall the first few times I read your tweets and your blog, it was genuinely an eye-opener. Little did I know back then, that you would change my life, make it more complete, make it better.

I’m not going to lie, when you followed me, I was really really excited and happy. I’m just a little miserable blogger, and for you to notice me. Well, that felt so good and I love you for it.

Your blog is so bloody brilliant for so many reasons. You write about topics not many people talk about it and when you do it, you do it brutally honest and with nothing pulling you back. There are taboos on certain topics, but you are smashing those taboos. Educating people on matters we all should talk about, creating openings for both females and males. For that, I’m forever grateful.

I love reading your dating posts, your posts about sex and your posts about your own experiences on everything and anything. The way you write is so engaging and inspiring, it’s so well written and it feels like you are talking to me personally. It enables me to identify with what you say, even if I am a man. You honestly changed my life, you made me think more openly about certain things. You made me realise that I’m beautiful in my own way and that people like me.

You inspire me every day. Every time I see your tweets or blogposts, I just go over to your blog and read away. I recommend it to my friends, British, Dutch or other. You make me feel better and the world better, I have so much admiration and respect for you. I genuinely adore and love you like family, you are so amazing.

You are a great blogger, but the thing that is the most valuable to me, is that you are a beautiful human. You are so kind, so pure, so sweet and caring. You treat others so good, you always respond to tweets and it is so nice to see that you are just as happy talking to little bloggers as you are with bigger bloggers. You are very intelligent and you educate so many people, it’s brilliant. And my god, you are bloody beautiful, hot and gorgeous. You are so lovely and everyone is lucky to have you in their life, romantically or not. You are an angel on this earth and a blessing.

You have touched our souls, our lives and our hearts with your honest blogposts, your kind personality and your sweetness. Thank you for being you and your brilliant self. Never change, keep shining like you, you beautiful diamond

Your Dutch pal,


Vix’s links: