An open letter to the incredibly amazing Vix

“Dear Vix,

You are probably thinking: “What is this nutter going to do? Is he actually writing this blogpost about me like he said on twitter?” And the answer is yes. Yes, I am. I don’t think the world needs my blogpost about you, to know that you are changing, but this letter means to let the world know, how bloody special, beautiful and inspirational you are. So here it goes.
You need no introduction, because you are the queen of sass and awesomeness. But I do recall the first few times I read your tweets and your blog, it was genuinely an eye-opener. Little did I know back then, that you would change my life, make it more complete, make it better.

I’m not going to lie, when you followed me, I was really really excited and happy. I’m just a little miserable blogger, and for you to notice me. Well, that felt so good and I love you for it.

Your blog is so bloody brilliant for so many reasons. You write about topics not many people talk about it and when you do it, you do it brutally honest and with nothing pulling you back. There are taboos on certain topics, but you are smashing those taboos. Educating people on matters we all should talk about, creating openings for both females and males. For that, I’m forever grateful.

I love reading your dating posts, your posts about sex and your posts about your own experiences on everything and anything. The way you write is so engaging and inspiring, it’s so well written and it feels like you are talking to me personally. It enables me to identify with what you say, even if I am a man. You honestly changed my life, you made me think more openly about certain things. You made me realise that I’m beautiful in my own way and that people like me.

You inspire me every day. Every time I see your tweets or blogposts, I just go over to your blog and read away. I recommend it to my friends, British, Dutch or other. You make me feel better and the world better, I have so much admiration and respect for you. I genuinely adore and love you like family, you are so amazing.

You are a great blogger, but the thing that is the most valuable to me, is that you are a beautiful human. You are so kind, so pure, so sweet and caring. You treat others so good, you always respond to tweets and it is so nice to see that you are just as happy talking to little bloggers as you are with bigger bloggers. You are very intelligent and you educate so many people, it’s brilliant. And my god, you are bloody beautiful, hot and gorgeous. You are so lovely and everyone is lucky to have you in their life, romantically or not. You are an angel on this earth and a blessing.

You have touched our souls, our lives and our hearts with your honest blogposts, your kind personality and your sweetness. Thank you for being you and your brilliant self. Never change, keep shining like you, you beautiful diamond

Your Dutch pal,


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