Male Bloggers who are fly AF – February

The last time I checked, I identify as a male blogger. I try to interact with a lot of bloggers, but I came to the conclusion that those people are mostly female. I don’t mind that all, but I think it’s time to spread some more love for my favourite male bloggers. So every month, I’m going to pick out 5 who absolutely inspire me on different levels.

The month is almost over, but I managed to get this blogpost just in time to talk about the male bloggers I admire!

John Sennet – John’s Road to Volunteering

In terms of supporting fellow bloggers, this man does take the crown. I’ve seen John supporting all bloggers. Male and female. Big and small. All topics and variety. Further more he is one heck of a volunteer and I have honestly learnt so much from him and from his blog. This is an absolute follow for everyone, he spreads love and kindness. He makes this world so much better with his positivity and strength. Absolutely awesome.

Patrick – Wasted Little PJ

Following many female bloggers has its perks. Sometimes you find out that the other halves are blogging as well, this is how I found Patrick. Patrick is an amazing dude, very awesome and football supporters as. He blog about his travels, burgers and beers. It’s a great male blog to follow and Patrick is one of the nicest guys around, who I’m happy to call a friend. A must follow!
Josh – Whatever Words
It’s amazing to find male bloggers who you share an interest with. But it’s even more amazing and just plain awesome to find bloggers who are passionate about their own mental health and mental health in general. Meet Josh, one of the most intelligent dudes out there and always willing to offer help and support. He’s loved by so many out there in the blogging community and his blogposts are really inspiring. Follow this lad and your life will be better for it.
Ryan Mules – Ryan Mules
You got male lifestyle & fashion bloggers and there’s Ryan. I can relate so much to Ryan’s style and outfit choices. It makes me feel comfortable wearing my style, as it’s in the same direction. It also confidence, do what you want mentality. And for that I’ll be always grateful for this man. He also loves the beautiful game – being football – and lives in Wales, so yeah awesome lad! Go follow him, I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

Alex Green – Green who writes

Meet Alex, one of the true giants on this earth. He’s one great dude who always inspires me, be it mental health, football or else. His blog is a true diamond to the blogging world and I’m glad I’ve found it. But above all, he is a great guy. Always there to give reassurance, help or have a good laugh with. I guess this one of those friends you are glad you have and you can always count on each other. He’s bloody amazing. Go follow!

Which dudes do inspires you in the blogging world? Let me know!


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  1. februari 27, 2017 / 10:42 pm

    Love this post Marc! It's great to see more male bloggers being shouted out as I don't follow as many as I wish I did, there's definitely a bias towards other bloggers who identify as female in my reading list from who I follow, and that's not a conscious decision either, but despite gender, I'm always interested to see which others bloggers are recommended by those I'm already reading, so this is great! Thanks for the recommendations! – Tasha

  2. maart 5, 2017 / 3:15 pm

    Thanks for this mate! Appreciate your support as always

  3. maart 18, 2017 / 1:56 pm

    You should definitely follow male bloggers! These are brilliant and have honestly opened my eyes 🙂

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